Letter from Hope Simon Miller to Grace Becker, December 9, 1971, page 1

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          [handwritten] Catharine: I think Pat Graham would be a better one to ask about this. My own reaction is that if this is isolated periodical material we can keep it for now in the office of the Center. I know the last thing the library wants is isolated material taken from periodicals. 

December 9, 1971

Miss Grace H. Becker 
130 East 63 Street 
New York, N.Y. 10021 

Dear Miss Becker: 

Thank you so much for your letter. Those of us at the College remember your sister well as someone very much interested in Barnard. 

At any rate, I was pleased to learn of her role in the Guidance Movement and I am turning your letter over to the Women's Center for their consideration. 


Mrs. Arthur Miller 

bc: Prof. Stimpson