Letter from Martha Peterson to Edith London Boehm, June 17, 1971, page 1

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          June 17, 1971
(Dictated June 10) 

Dear Mrs. Boehm: 

I was interested in your comments about every woman's and every man's education. I am going to pass them along to the members of our new Women's Committee to see how they respond. Perhaps in the Alumnae Magazine or in some of our upcoming publications on women you will see a reference to this. 

It was good to see you in Los Angeles and I hope you will drop by Barnard whenever you are in New York. I will be encouraging Barnard faculty members to look you up when they are in California, for you did give such a warm welcome. 


Martha Peterson

Mrs. David Boehm (Edith London Boehm '13) 
328 Westgate Avenue South
Los Angeles, Calif. 90049

Dictated by Miss Peterson, signed in her absence 
b.c.c. Mrs. Hertz 
Mrs. Percival 
Mrs. Gould 
Miss Stimpson 
Miss McCann 

Comment - L.A. Alumnae Club, May '71: "Worked largely in Early Childhood Education - I have found few college people unless they specialized - know very much about the emotional or nutritional problems of their children. Should this be part of every woman's - and man's education? - or is this not "educational" enough to be part of a college education." 

[handwritten] I think not-- 1) too many students won't see the use; 2) [doubts] re academic psych.