Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Nora Percival, regarding May 6 memo on the task force report, June 9, 1971, page 1

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          Nora Percival
Catharine Stfunpeon
tour Ilene of Key 6 re Ta.ek.Foroe Report

June 9, 1971

Thank you so much for your thoughtful ideas. ‘he notion of an
Alumnae Advisory co:-pa eeue exactly right, especially if we
eould develop it on A regional level, eo that regional goupe
could be responsive to local mode. I think, for example, at
the book, RETURN mzmwmm, which the Bernard Club of
Philadelphia worked on, which deecribee job opportunities in the
Philadelphia area. for women who wiehed to go back to work.

It seems to be that we muet get out a questionnaire to the
elulnee as econ as possible so that we can get the basic

Ainfomation we need. I hate been heartened, an I have told

you before, by the reeponee of the altmae I have talked to
to a. realistic aeaeeement of what more they can contribute
to the college and to each other.

he you know, I am away much of the eumer. However, m phone
will be 516-1.77-1320, and my address simply:

96 General Delivery
Rest Rarion, Sew York 11939

can we have lunch either in the middle of September on late
Septenber eo that we can actually get all this eta:-ted?

Agqin, thanke for your good response.

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