Reunion 1971, Spotlight on a Woman's World, Class of 1966, page 9

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          ELENA CARYN SCHMIDT: Elena has an M.A. in Anatomy and is working
on her Ph.D. dissertation in the Department of Pathology of
Columbia Graduate Faculties at the College of Physicians and
Surgeons. Part of Elena's doctoral research was accepted in
abstract form and published in the November supplement of the
Journal of Cell Biology.

PAULA SCHARF SCHOPF: Paula earned a Master's degree in the
teaching of social studies at Columbia Teachers College.
Presently she lists her occupation as "mother". "It's full,
time, believe me," she says. Son Simeon Meir was born April 24,
1970. Husband Michael is an attorney for the Civil Aeronautics
Board in Washington.

DEANA PREISER SCHUCK: Deana is a housewife and mother of two:
daughter Cheryl born October 23, 1966, and son Akiva, born
January 17, l968. She describes her work as "much housework and
infinite caring for, loving of, and despairing over my children."
Husband Solomon is a psychologist at Monmouth College in Lakewood, 
New Jersey.

STEPHANI COOK SIEGEL: Stephani is a fashion model with the Ford
Model Agency and is also the mother of 3-year-old Alexandra and 1-
year-old Zachary. Husband James, an investment banker with Kuhn,
Loeb and Co., helped Stephani to deliver Zachary at home, "un-
planned," Stephani assures us.

PATRICIA GARDNER SNEPP: Pat's questionnaire was submitted by
her mother, who informs us that Pat has been living in Hong
Kong. Husband Frank is a writer and is with the American
government in Saigon.

EDNA CARTER SOUTHARD: Edna has lived and worked in Belgium
and Germany but presently resides in Chicago where she is an
editorial assistant at the University of Chicago Press. Hus-
band Robert is a U. of Chicago graduate student in history and
also teaches undergraduate courses.

CECILE TERRIEN SPEARMAN: Cecile earned an M.A. in Education
at CCNY and now teaches first grade at P.S. 200 in Manhattan.
Previously she has worked in Puerto Rico and helped to train
indigenous Peace Corps (V.E.S.P.R.A.) volunteers. Husband
Jerry is a photographer for the Office of Urban Design of
New York City's Planning Commission.

MARCIA WEINSTEIN STERN: Marcia has served as class correspon-
dent for the past five years. She lists her present occupa-
tion as "research assistant, financial advisor, navigator,
chef, personal secretary, housekeeper, interior decorator,
wife, and mother." Son Jonathan was born May 7, 1970. Hus-
band Richard is an attorney with Bristol-Myers Co., in New
York. The Sterne have spent several summers driving around
the United States visiting National Parks and Monuments.


SANDRA FROMER STINGLE: Sandra received an M.A. in psychology 
from Columbia Teachers College as us a part-time Instructor 
at Barnard. Husband Walter is a physician on the staff of
Roosevelt Hospital in New York.

LAUREN SEIDEL STORCK: Lauren earned a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology
at CUNY and did research in neuropsychology at the Columbia's
College of Physicians and Surgeons. Currently the Storcks are
living in Madrid, where Lauren's husband John is with the
management consultant firm of Touche Ross.

ANN FRIEDMAN STREM: Ann earned an M.A.T. in Art Education at
Harvard and is presently in business for herself designing and
manufacturing stationary which she sells to department stores,
including Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, 
and the Harvard Coop. Husband Michael is a chemical manufacturer 
in Danvers, Massachusetts.

JANET SULLIVAN: After majoring in psychology at Barnard for
reasons of "pracitcality", Janet decided that what is important
is "doing something you really love." She has therefore begun
to pursue a career in music. In 1968 she received an M.A. in
music from Teachers College and now teaches music at CCNY and
does freelance singing. She still retains an avocational 
interest in psychology, however.

KATHLEEN DIXON SWIFT: Kathleen is a housewife, mother, and
Director of the Language Lab at York College in York Pa.
Son Brian Walter was born August 5, 1969. Husband Walter is
an engineer with Allis-Chalmers. The birth was Kathleen's most
exciting experience since Barnard graduation.

PHYLLIS SHAPIRO TABBOT: Phyllis is the mother of Deborah Ann, 
born May 24, 1967, and Peter Neal, born July 2, 1968. She is 
learning how to play tennis but spends most of her time "raising 
my family and making our new house a home." Husband Gilbert 
is a dentist with offices in Denville, New Jersey. the Tabbots' 
home is in White Meadow Lake. 

LEAH SELTZER TARLOW: Leah has taken some general Jewish educa-
tion courses at Jewish Theological Seminary since graduation. 
Currently her duties are those of housewife, clergyman's wife, 
and mother of Elisha Miriam, born August 30, 1968. Husband 
Kenneth is Rabbi of Har Zion Temple in Radnor, Pa., where the 
Tarlows reside. 

SHALVA TELUSHKIN: Shalva has a Master's from the Columbia School 
of Library Service and works as Semitics Cataloger at Brandeis 
University. She enjoys living in Cambridge, especially because 
of the presence of such a huge, vibrant student community.