Reunion 1971, Spotlight on a Woman's World, Class of 1966, page 8

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          MIRIAM GROVE MUNSON: Miriam has an M.A. in Medieval English
Literature from NYU and is pursuing doctoral studies at Wash-
ington University in St. Louis. Husband J. Ronald is a Professor
of Philosophy at the University of Missouri.

JANE B. NECOL: Jane is acuratorial assistant at the Museum of
Modern Art in New York. She quite justifiably objected to the
order of questions on our questionnaire (putting husbands' occu-
pations before our own) and correctly estimated the large per-
centage of or classmates working in professional capacities. 

BONNIE NEUSTADTER: Bonnie expects to receive a Master's degree
in Urban Planning from Hunter College this year. She works part
time as an Urban Task Force Leader at the Upper West Side Office
of the Mayor's Urban Task Force in New York. 

ANNETTE NIEMTZOW: Annette has an M.A. and will soon receive a Ph.D
in English from Harvard, where she is an A.A.U.W. Scholar. Her
thesis is on the "New Woman in America" and she feels that
women's liberation has been the most exciting event of the past
five years. Annette is another of the classmates who voiced
objections to the questionnaire.

GRETCHEN ANNE OLDER: Gretchen is a Research Economist for the
New York State Department of Transportation, working primarily
on a federally-sponsored demonstration project to alleviate
under- and unemployment by providing transportation to employ-
ment centers. She is also studying for a Master's degree in
Urban Economic Planning at The New School.

JANE T. WITHERSPOON PELTZ: Jane earned her M.L.S. degree at
McGill University and now does reference work at the Metro-
politan Toronto Public Library. Husband Victor is a systems
programmer at the University of Toronto. Jane's most exciting
experience: "Turning on."

CAMILLA STEGE PETERSON: Camilla is a librarian at the Bailey
Library of the University of Vermont in Burlington where hus-
band Sidney is Assistant Head Librarian in charge of acquisitions.
Camilla earned her M.L.S. at Rutgers. The Petersons have
purchased a 285 acre farm in Fairfield and are "striving toward
independent subsistence living -- our own vegetables, goat
milk and cheese, and wild foods."

VERNA HENDRICK PLONA: Verna is the mother of Genevieve Adrienne,
born January 18, 1968, and Galen Henry, born November 12, 1969.
Husband Henry is a process engineer with Pratt and Whitney Air-
craft. The Plonas are in the process of restoring their recently
acquired 120-year-old house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

NANCY TALLY POLEVCY: Nancy earned her M.S.W. degree in casework
at the Columbia University School of Social Work and is employed
in the Adoption Department of the Louise Wise Services in New
York. Husband Martin is an attorney with the firm of Bachner,
Tally, and Mantell.


English at Yale and is now writing her doctoral dissertation 
in the field of Victorian children's literature. She is also 
an Instructor in Literature at Northeastern University in 
Boston. Husband Lawrence is a physicist at the Francis Bitter 
National Magnet Laboratory of M.I.T. 

DEBORAH ROSENBERG ROACH: Debbie has a Master of Public Health
(Administrative Medicine) degree from Columbia and is the 
Director of Family Planning for the Metropolitan Health Depart- 
ment of Nashville, Tennessee. Husband William is a Vanderbilt 
University law student. For exciting experiences, Debbie lists 
her previous work at Planned Parenthood in San Francisco and 
her discovery of Women's Lib.  

JUDITH OSTROW ROBERTSON: Judie has an M.Phil degree in Anthro-
pology from the London School of Economics and is working toward 
a Columbia Ph.D. Presently she is doing field work with Punjabi 
immigrants in London for her thesis. Husband John is a graduate 
student in history at London University and a part-time lecturer 
at the University of Essex.

JEMERA RONE: Jemera is a project development coordinator for New 
York City's Housing and Development Administration. As such, she
acts as liaison between the federal government (FHA) and non-profit 
groups in sponsoring moderate income housing in urban renewal 
areas. Jemera has also been studying acting at the Herbert 
Berghof Studio, and dance at the Merce Cunningham Studio. 

DIANE RUDO: Diane earned an M.B.A. in marketing at the Univer-
sity of Pennsylvania's Wharton Graduate School of Finance and 
Commerce. She is employed as an account executive by the New 
York advertising firm of Sullivan, Stauffer, Colwell and Bayles. 

JUDITH SCHATZ SCHAEFFER: Judy, who has been Class President the 
past five years, has an M.L.S. degree from Columbia and works as 
a cataloger at the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library on Long Island. 
Husband Karl is a copy editor at Newsday. Judy's most exciting 
experience was "the publication of the 1969 Supplement to the 
Senior High School Library Catalog with 'edited by Judith Schaeffer' 
on the title page." 

PAMELA JOHNSON SCHEINMAN: Both Pam and husband Marc are graduate 
students at Indiana University. She is a candidate for an M.F.A. 
degree in Textiles (weaving). Previously, Pam worked as an assistant
editor at Indiana University Press. 

SUSAN EISNER SCHIFF: Sue earned her J.D. degree at the University
of Santa Clara Law School and served a year's clerkship with the 
California Court of Appeals. Husband Lewis is an aeronautical 
research engineer for NASA.