Reunion 1971, Spotlight on a Woman's World, Class of 1966, page 7

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          SUSAN PANNY LATTMAN: Susan is currently a medical student
at the University of Maryland. Previously she worked while
husband Eaton, now a protein crystallographer in Johns Hopkins
University's Department of Biophysics, earned his doctorate.
Susan feels that being a student again has restored her identity
as "an individual with numerous facets only one of which is a
wifely one."

DIANE LEIGHTON: Diane is Public Relations Manager for the
Clinique division of Estée Lauder, Inc. In answer to our
question concerning the relevance and usefulness of her educa-
tion, Diane responded: "Whether I am reading a book, travelling,
gallery touring or talking with interesting, aware people, I
know that the individual experiences are enhanced, intensified,
and appreciated more fully and to better advantage as a result
of Barnard's background."

DIANE WOLFE LEVY: Diane has earned her M.A. and is studying
for a doctorate in French Literature at Columbia. She is also
a Preceptor at General Studies. Husband Mark is a journalist
with NBC news.

JOY MARKMAN LEW: Joy is the wife of Michael, a physician on
the staff of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and the
mother of Deana Rachel, born June 13, 1970.

ELSA LICHMAN: Elsa is a medical social worker at Cambridge,
Massachusetts, Hospital.

HAVEN LOGAN: Haven says she is "illegally married" to an
artist and is a "preschool teacher-freak-revolutionary"
in Berkeley, California. The most exciting thing to happen
to her since graduation: "everything."

HELEN LONGINO: Helen received an M.A. in Philosophy from the
University of Sussex, England in 1967 and is presently a Ph.D.
candidate at Johns Hopkins.

MARJORIE FEIMAN MAGID: Marjorie has an M.A. and expects to
receive a Ph.D. in French Literature from Rutgers University.
She says she found graduate school "largely repetition of what
we did at Barnard." Husband Joel is a Professor at Rutgers in

SANDRA LEVY MAHL: Sandra received an M.A. in Spanish from
Teachers College and now teaches Spanish and French in the
Yonkers Public Schools. Husband Barry is manager of an em-
ployment agency in New York City.

BARBARA JORRISCH MAKRIDAKIS: Barbara is presently living in
Fontainebleu, France, and studying at the Sorbonne. She has
an M.A. in Romance Literature from NYU. Husband Spyros is
Professor of Operational Research at the Institut Europeen


JULIE MARSTELLER: Julie, as readers of the Alumae Magazine
are probably well aware, is Bernard's Research Archivist, a
job which grew out of her senior thesis in American Studies.
She finds her job both interesting and rewarding and feels that
it is the most exciting thing to happen to her since graduation.

MARY JANE INCORVIA MATTINA: Mary Jane received her Ph.D. in
Chemistry from Yale in 1970. Both she and husband Charles
are members of the Chemistry Department of Albertus Magnus
college in New Haven. They are also the parents of Emily,
born May 8, 1970.

AMY RICHMAN MAYER: Amy is a combination "housewife, mother,
and student" and describes her work as "hectic." A Barnard
Russian major, she has been taking undergraduate calculus and
chemistry courses at Drexel University. Daughter Laurel was
born June 28, 1967. Husband Nathaniel is a physician at Moss
Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia.

SANDRA DI SOMA MESSICK: Sandra is an editor of Spanish and
English college textbooks for Prentice-Hall, Inc. She has also
had some of her poetry published. Husband Martin is a photographer.

DEBORAH UCHILL MILLER: Deborah describes her work as a house-
wife as "chaotic." Her most exciting experiences were watching
the births of daughters Arielle Zimrah, on March 17, 1968, and
Adinah Sharone, March 4, 1970. Husband Clifford is Rabbi of
Congregation Beth Tikva in Rockville, Maryland.

JILL MENES MILLER: Jill expects to receive a Ph.D in Clinical
Psychology from NYU. She works as a psychotherapist at Lincoln
Institute for Psychotherapy and is also an Instructor in Psycholo-
gy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Husband Richard is a

SUSAN APPLEBAUM MILSTEIN: Susan has been working as a systems
analyst. Husband Barney is an Assistant Professor at Princeton.
"Meeting and marrying my husband" has been Susan's most exciting

VASILIKI KAPRI MONOGENIS: Kiki has an M.S.W. degree from Hunter
College School of Social Work and does case work and group work
therapy at Edwin Gould Services for Children. Son Nikos was born
October 14, 1968. Husband Emanuel is Assistant Personnel Director
of the Chemical Bank of New York. "Being first a wife and then a
mother" has been Kiki's most exciting experience. ;

SUSAN MORRIS HEDLING: Susan plays and teaches the flute. Husband
Fredrik, also a musician, is with the Minnesota Orchestra in Minnea-