Reunion 1971, Spotlight on a Woman's World, Class of 1966, page 6

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          PATRICIA MILLER HART: Patricia has an M.A. in the teaching of
English from Columbia's Teachers‘ College and is presently a
doctoral candidate in counseling psychology at the University
of Hawaii. (At Barnard she majored in government!) Husband
Brook is a Public Defender for the State of Hawaii.

NANI WEISZ HEALY: Nanci received an M.A. in English from NYU
and presently teaches high school English at South Seneca Central
School in Ovid, N.Y. Husband Brian is a Ph.D. candidate at 
Cornell. Son Brett Lyle was born May 28, 1970. "Having Brett,
via natural childbirth," says Nanci, "was the most exciting I
thing Brian and I have done together."

CONSTANCE HESS: Connie is the director of a photographic stock
house which sells photographs of animals to advertising agencies,
publishers, etc. Previously she edited children's books, a job
in which she found her Barnard English background especially

RUTH WEINSTOCK HEUMAN: The Heumans spent a year in the West
Indies and are presently living in London where Ruth teaches
sixth grade math at the American School. Ruth received an M.S.
degree in Education from Southern Connecticut State College in
1969. Gad is a graduate student in history at Yale. Ruth feels
that "some of my teachers at Barnard were among the most impres-
sive people I have ever met, and their influence is relevant to
anything I undertake."

ADRIENNE GRAY HINES: Adrienne is studying toward an M.A. in
Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University and is also an
artist, specializing in murals. Husband R. Spencer is Vice
President of the Frist and Merchants National Bank in Richmond.
Meeting and marrying her husband has been Adrienne's most exciting
experience since leaving Barnard.

KAREN ANDERSON HOLDEN: Karen has an M.A. and expects to receive
her Ph.D. in Economics with a concentration in demography from
the University of Pennsylvania where husband James is a graduate
student in physics.

LOUISE SHEMIN HOMBURGER: Louise is the mother of Jennifer Anne,
born November 20, 1966, and Richard Ephraim, born October 7, 1969.
Husband Thomas is an attorney with the firm of Sonnenschein,
Levinson, Carlin, Nath, and Rosenthal in Chicago. Louise is con-
sidering an eventual return to school to get a Master's in Library

LAURA INSELMAN: Another Class of 1966 physician, Laura received
her M.D. from Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and is
currently a pediatrics intern at St. Luke's Hospital in N.Y.C.


RHEA JACOBS: Rhea received a Certificat d'etudes supérieures
in comparative literature from the University of Lille, France,
and is currently a graduate student and teaching associate in
French at Yale. Rhea reports that she is "single and happy"
and has enjoyed herself greatly since discovering that "it was
totally unnecessary to take myself seriously."

TONNIE SCHWARTZ KATZ: Tonnie studied Urban Affairs at Boston
University and is currently a journalist. Husband Stephen is a
student. The Katzes are living in London, England.

ANNE ELIZABETH DAVIDSON KIDDER: Liz is the mother of Heather
Anne, born April 8, 1967, and is also a Christian Science College
Campus Counselor. Husband Rush is Assistant Professor of
English at Wichita State University in Kansas.

PHYLLIS GREENHAN KIEHL: Both Phyllis and Husband Royal are
physicians at the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City.
Phyllis received her M.D. from the University of Chicago in
1970 and is presently a pediatric intern.

JANE BRODY KINZLER: The Kinzlers live in Washington, D.C. where
Jane is Exhibit Coordinator for the Traveling Exhibition Service
of the Smithsonian Institution. Peter is an attorney working
as legislative assistant for Rep. Thomas L. Ashley, D-Toledo,

LAURIE GEWTZ KIRSZNER: Laurie received an M.A. in English from NYU
and is presently a doctoral candidate at Temple University.
Husband Mark is a social worker with the Community Relations
Division of the New York City Department of Social Services.

BARRIE GELEHAUS KLAITS: Barrie has done independent research
on the Miocene Rhinoceros of Sansan, France, at the Paris
Museum of Natural History. Son Frederick Eugene was born Octo-
ber 27, 1969. The Klaitses currently reside in Troy, Michigan,
where Joseph is Assistant Professor of History at Oakland Univ.

ELLEN KOZAK: Ellen received a J.D. degree from the University
of Wisconsin in 1969. Admitted to the Wisconsin Bar, Ellen is
clerking for a Federal Judge in District Court in Milwaukee.
"In this age of liberated females," Ellen does not think that
the question of marital status is relevant on a Barnard

LYNNE MORIARTY LANGLOIS: Lynne expects to receive her M.A.
in American History from Connecticut College and is presently
teaching at the Norwich Free Academy. Husband Andrew is an
executive with the Electric Boat division of General Dynamics.
Lynne's most exciting experience since graduation was getting