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          NELIDA BALLOFFET FERRY: Nelida has her Master's in Library Science.
from Columbia and works as a part-time librarian specializing in
rebinding, at the Ossining, N.Y., Public Library. Husband Hugh
does motion picture research for Columbia Pictures. They are
the parents of Gwen, born February 11, 1970. For exciting experi-
ences, Nelida lists: "1968 - saw Parthenon and cried; 1970 -
gave birth with my husband. We both cried."

PHYLLIS LOWEN FOX: Phyllia has an M.A.T. in History from Boston
College. Husband Myron is an attorney with Northern Worcester
County Legal Aid. The Foxes are the parents of a daughter,
Samantha born May 18, 1970. Phyllis feels that having Samantha
has been her most exciting experience in the past five years.

ENID LITEL FREEDMAN: Enid considers her Tufts M.Ed degree "a
waste of time." Prior to the birth of Matthew Eric, on Decem-
ber 19, 1969, Enid was a computer programmer; she intends to
return to that field. Husband Steve is a products manager with
Lever Brothers in New York. 

EMMY SUHL FRIEDLANDER: Emmy earned an M.S. in Biology at NYU 
and has been doing research at NYU Medical Center on the biochem-
ical aspects of virus-induced leukemia in mice. Husband Daniel
is a physician on the staff of Bellevue Hospital. Emmy deems
"marriage" the most exciting thing that has happened to her since
leaving Barnard.

ANNA SACHKO GANDOLFI: Both Anna and husband Arthur are Ph.D.
candidates in Economics at Columbia. Anna received her M.A. in
1968 and does research in the Corporate Planning Department of
the Equitable Life Insurance Society.

ROSAMOND ROCKWELL GIANUTOS: Rosamond received her Ph.D. in
Experimental Psychology at NYU in October and is currently
Assistant Professor of Psychology at Adelphi. Husband John,
also a psychologist, is with the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical
Center. The most exciting thing that has happened within the
past five years, says Rosamond, is "I'm no longer a student."

SARA DULANEY GILBERT: Sara is a freelance writer and editor and
is also the mother of Sean, born March 10, 1970. Husband Ian is
an attorney.

LAURIE DAVIS GILKES: Liuric expects to receive her M.S.W degree
in casework this year from NYU. Her most recent field placement
has been with the Queens Child Guidance Center. Husband Craig
is an investment banker.

ALICe RUBINSTEIN GOCHRAN: Alice is Associate Editor of Gourmet
Magazine; husband Richard is a security analyst. The most exciting 
thing that has happened to her, says Alice, is that my opportuni-
ties for excitement have multiplied. My husband, my home, my
travels, and my job afford me every stimulation that I could pos-
sibly desire."


TOBY GOLICK: Toby received her J.D. degree from Columbia Law
School in June, 1969, and now "represents poor people" on be-
half of the Center for Social Welfare Policy and Law. Toby
feels her educational background has proved to be "very helpful
on crossword puzzles, etc."

BARBARA BERGMAN GOLTZ: Barbara has an M.A. in Clinical Psy-
chology from the University of Wisconsin and works for the
Department of Psychiatry of the University of California at
San Diego, where the Goltzes reside. Barbara is currently
designing an evaluation system and evaluating a new multi-
dimensional community mental health service. Husband Glenn
is interning at Mercy Hospital. Last fall the Goltzes spent
three months living and working in Appalachia.

PATRICIA SAVOIE GOTTFRIED: Pat has her M.A. and is pursuing
doctoral studies in political science (international law and
relations) at The New School. She also works as an interna-
tional market research analyst for Westinghouse Electric.
Husband John is a real estate broker. The Gottfrieds are
planning, and may already have embarked upon, a 1 1/2 year
trip around the world.

MARY CUSSLER GOULD: Mary has a Master of Library Science
degree from the University of Michigan and works in inter-
library loans and circulation at Northeastern University in
Boston. Husband Franklin is a student. Mary feels that her
educational background helps her to "preserve my faith in the
possibility of beauty and rationality."

PATRICIA GREENSPAN: Pat has her Master's degree and is pur-
suing doctoral studies in philosophy at Harvard, where she is
also Resident Tutor in Philosophy at Lowell House. Once a week
she gives a small philosophy tutorial; in addition, she main-
tains the House Library and acts as an adviser to resident
Harvard and Radcliffe students.

ANTHULA CAROZI GROSS: Anthula is active in the Philadelphia
New Democratic Coalition and the local Women's Lib Movement.
She is also treasurer of the Philadelphia Barnard Club, a
State Committeewoman on the Reform Democratic ticket, and
the mother of Jason, born May 8, 1969. Prior to Jason's birth,
Anthula worked for the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S.
Dept. of Labor, where husband John is presently Regional

MARGARET HOWLAND HAMILTON: The most exciting thing to happen
to Margaret since graduation was having her three children,
twins Edward and Catherine, born November 29, 1966, and Eleanore,
born May 9, 1970. Husband Charles teaches English at Mt. Herman 

CAROLYN BRANCATO HARRIS: Candy is pursuing doctoral studies
in Urban Economics at NYU while working as an economic researcher
and analyst for New York City's Environmental Protection
Administration. Husband Jonathan is an attorney with the firm
of Marshall, Bratter, Greene, Allison, and Tucker.