Reunion 1971, Spotlight on a Woman's World, Class of 1966, page 4

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          DEBORAH ROGERS BUTLER: Debbie is doing admissions work at the
Brearley School in New York and is the mother of Jonathan R.,
born November 26, 1969. Husband Jonathan P. is an architect.
Debbie credits her Barnard background with instilling in her an
interest in many fields, especially art and history.

CAROL SHEPPARD CAMERINI-OTERO: Carol received her medical degree
in June of 1970 from NYU and is currently serving a pediatrics
internship at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Husband Rafael
is a candidate for both an M.D. and a Ph.D. at NYU.

MARILYN SCHULMAN COCHAVI: Marilyn received her master's degree
in Library Science from Columbia in 1967 and is currently Refer-
ence Librarian at Suffolk County Community College, where she also
teaches research methodology. Husband Saadia is a physicist on
the staff of the Broohaven National Laboratory. Marilyn feels
that the most exciting thing that has happened since our graduation
is Women's Liberation.

SUSAN COHN: Susan received an M.A. in Art Education and is
presently working on her doctoral dissertation in Creative Arts
at NYU. Her thesis will consist of an analysis of the paintings
and drawings of Georgia O'Keeffe as well as a production of her
own paintings and drawings. Susan is the recipient of a three-year
N.D.E.A. Title IV Fellowship from NYU.

NANCY COWLES COLE: Nancy spent two years in Santiago, Chile, with
the Peace Corps, setting up an Occupational Therapy department in
a children's hospital. On her return she married John Cole, a
Columbia graduate student in anthropology, and they set off for
Tanzania on a six-month archaeological expedition of an Early
Stone Age site. The Coles are now back in New York where Nancy
is a program assistant with the National Council of Churches and
John is continuing his studies.

BARBARA BARUCH COLEMAN: Barbara is the mother of Andrew Tarkin,
born September 23, 1968, and Rebecca Lynn, born October 19, 1970,
and is also a student at NYU Law School. As class Vice President,
she has spent much of the past year working on Reunion. Husband
Stephen is Chief Resident in Psychiatry at Bellevue. Since
"watching and participating in growth is exciting no matter how
liberated I am or wish to be," Barbara considers her two children
the most exciting thing that has happened to her since leaving

CAROLE COOPER: Carole, our class Treasurer for the past five
years, received a Master of Public Administration degree from
the Maxwell Graduate School of Syracuse University in June of
1967. She has been living in Washington and working as a
management consultant with the firm of Booz, Allen, and Hamilton.


DOROTHY CHEN COURTIN: Dorothy has her Master's degree and is
pursuing doctoral studies in Far Eastern Art at Columbia. She is also
an Instructor in Far Eastern Art History at Finch
College. (And at Barnard she majored in Zoology!) Husband
Patrick is an electrical engineer and a Columbia doctoral

MAUREEN McCULLOUGH DONOHUE: Maureen has an M.A.T. in History
from Yale and has just received an M.L.S. from SUNY at Albany.
Husband Paul is an attorney with the New York State Department
of Insurance. "Besides meeting my husband," says Maureen, "my
two years‘ work as a trainee at the New York State Law Library in
Albany was the most exciting thing that has happened to me since
I left Barnard." This experience should be helpful in her new
job as Law Librarian of Westchester County.

CATHERINE DOYLE: Johnnie is working as Production Secretary for
the City Center Joffrey Ballet. In the spring of 1970 she per-
formed with the Company in Petruchka at City Center. Another
exciting experience she will never forget is "sitting with Mr.
Joffrey the closing night of the Vienna Festival in 1969, in
the Theatre an der Wien (where Beethoven's "Fidelio" was premiered),
as the Company received a 31-curtain call, 28-minute standing

TAMARA LOWE DWORSKY: Tamara is studying ethnomsicology at
Columbia, working toward an M.A. Husband Lawrence is pre-
paring his doctoral thesis in electrical engineering at NYU.

KAREN WESSEL EDELSTEIN: Karen is employed as a part-time
substitute teacher and is studying for a Master's in Education
at St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia. Husband Fredric is
with Samuel Edelstein and Sons, a manufacturing firm. Karen
feels that "getting married" was the most exciting thing that
has happened to her since graduation.

MELANIE ELLIS EHRLICH: Melanie earned her Ph.D. in Biochemistry
at SUNY at Stony Brook and is presently a Research Associate in
Biochemistry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her hus-
band, Kenneth, is a Research Associate in Chemistry at Columbia.
Since Barnard, Melanie has been "acquiring a deep association
with nature through hiking and camping."

ALLYN LONDON ENGELSTEIN: Allyn is a housewife and mother of
Brad Robert, born December 22, 1968, and Stefani Brooke, born
November 6, 1970. Husband Joel is an opthalmologist with
the National Institutes of Health. "The most exciting things
to happen," says Allyn, "are our children and then our travelling."
They have been to Spain, Portugal, Western Europe, and the

KATHERINE FALK: Kathy received her medical degree from Mt.
Sinai School of Medicine and is currently interning in the
department of medicine at St. Luke's Hospital Center in New