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          At the time of the replies, 94 of the 121 were married.
Thirty-five of the respondents were mothers, having produced
25 boys and 23 girls.

Direct responses to the questionnaire follow:

RUTH HACHENBURG ADELMAN: Ruth worked for 2 1/2 years with the
School Planning and Research Department of the New York City
Board of Education. Now the mother of Francis Hart (Frank),
born March 2, 1969, Ruth has been auditing Art History courses
at Barnard. Husband Phil is Vice President of Adelman's
Stationery, Inc., in Union City, New Jersey.

JANE ROTMAN ALTMAN: Jane received her Master's in Elementary
Education from Bank Street College in June, 1967. She lists
her present occupation, however, as "mother": daughter Jennifer
was born October 29, 1967, and son John arrived October 8, 1969.
Jane's husband, Bob, is Director of Special Higher Education
Programs for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher

ROSEMARY EINOCCHIARO BARTSCH: Rosemary is currently working
toward a Master's in Psychology at the University of Munich.
Her husband, Andreas, is an art dealer at Galerie Gurlitt.
Daughter Christina was born June 2, 1967. Rosemary says she
hasn't spoken or written English for the past four years --
and English was her Barnard major!

SHEILA SCOTT BASSMAN: Sheila is a first-year law student at
Columbia and mother of Ilana, born April 8, 1967. She is also
an officer of the New York New Democratic Coalition and involved
in Democratic Party politics "up to my ears." Sheila did manage
to put her Barnard chemistry background to use by working as a 
teaching assistant in chem at Barnard. Husband Myron is a
programmer with Research EDP, Inc. in New York City.

LOUISA LIPARI BERGER: Louisa, class Fund Chairman for the
past five years, received her Master's degree in Library
Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 1967. She is cur-
rently working as Reference Librarian at the Youngstown Public
Library. Husband Martin is Assistant Professor of History at
Youngstown State University. The [B]ergers are owned by two cats,
Fred and Jenny.

IRIS POLK BERKE: Iris earned her Master's degree in English at
the University of Michigan. She spent three years teaching high
school English before becoming an Associate in Education at 
Barnard. Her most exciting experience since graduation, she says,
was a summer spent in Greece as an AIESEC trainee, a re-assign-
ment resulting from Israel's Six-Day War. Iris's husband, David,
is a resident physician at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.


ELAINE SHAPIRO BERMAN: Elaine is working as a research assistant
on a Yale/Wesleyan-sponsored project on the political socializa-
tion of children in England, France, and the United States. Her
husband, Bruce, is working on his doctorate in political science
at Yale; his field research enabled the Bermans to spend a year
in London and a year in Nairobi. Their son, Daniel Stephen was
born August 31, 1970.

ELIZABETH ROMBERG BERNSTEIN: Betsy and her husband, Richard, are
parents of twins, Jessica and Chanon, born September 4, 1969.
Richard has been interning this last year at the Mary Hitchcock
Hospital in Hanover, New Hampshire. Beginning in July, the Bern-
steins will be living in Barrow, Alaska, where Richard will spend
two years with the Public Health Service.

JANE RECKFORD BIBA: Jane is a researcher-writer-editor for Buyers
Laboratory, a consumer-oriented test lab, and is also taking under-
graduate courses at Hunter to prepare herself for eventual graduate
study in clinical psychology. Her husband, Paul, is an attorney
with the firm of DeForest and Duer.

MARGARET BRAUNER BRISCOE: Margaret is working for the Los Angeles
County Department of Public Social Services and is the mother of
Deirdre, born June 27, 1967, and Benjamin, born, July 8, 1969.
Husband John Terry is a drummer. Margaret considers having her
children the most exciting thing that has happened to her since

MARGARET KENT BROOKS: Peggy received a Master's in Political
Science from Columbia in 1968 and is presently attending Columbia
Law School. Husband Peter is also a Columbia student, doing
graduate work in Sociology.

BARBARA RUBIN BROWN: Barbara received her M.A. in English Lit
from NYU in October of 1967 and is now teaching English and working
in the experimental honors and College Development programs at
Jamaica High School in New York. Husband Alfred is a social
worker with the Syosset Children's Home. Son Len was born April 23,

KAREN OSNEY BROWNSTEIN: Karen has an M.A.T. degree in English
from Northwestern University and spent four years in Chicago
teaching high school English, writing advertising copy, and
"going to the beach a lot." The Brownsteins now live in New
York where Neill is a venture capital investment analyst. Karen's
most exciting experience since Barnard graduation was giving
birth to their son, Adam Jordan, on February 10, 1970.

MARY BURTON: Mary did graduate work in Botany at the University
of North Carolina and taught high school biology for two years
before beginning her present studies toward a Master's in Theology
at Meadville Theological School in Chicago. Her most exciting
experience, she says, has been the discovery that "the most impor-
tant things to me in life are my relationships with other people
and my own self-discovery through that."