Reunion 1971, Spotlight on a Woman's World, Class of 1966

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 Class of 1966
 Barnard College
Last fall the officers of the Class of '66 sent out to our
 classmates what we sincerely believed to be a perfectly innocu-
 ous questionnaire, the replies to which we hoped would yield
 information concerning the whereabouts and doings of some old
 friends. Considering the times in which we are living, and
 (especially ironic) in view of our Reunion theme, we should
 have put more thought into our questionnaire.
 As a consequence of what we did do, we received many justi-
 fiable complaints. To cite a few examples:
 "This questionnaire . . . reveals data which is totally
 unimportant. . . ."
 "I should think that, as graduates of a fine women's
 college, OUR present occupations are more important than
 those of our husbands." (an objection to the order of our
 "Are we known by ourselves or still by those who have
 given us a variant last name???"
 Perhaps our errors were due to the pressures of time or
 even, we may be persuaded at Reunion, to a lifetime of male
 chauvinist brainwashing. At any rate, we ask of you now a
 little understanding and, yes, forgiveness as we herewith
 present the results of the Class of 1966 survey.
 About one-third of our classmates, 121 to be exact, com-
 pleted and returned our questionnaire. Since this is in no
 way a truly representative sampling we do not presume to make
 generalizations about the class as a whole. Here, however, is
 a summary of the data provided by the 121 respondents: 
 Seventy-nine either have attained or are presently working
 toward graduate degrees. This figure does not include those
 who have token extraneous courses on a non-matriculated basis. 
 The most popular occupation of the respondents (excluding
 housewife) is teaching. Of the 16 teachers, five are members
 of college faculties. The second most popular occupation is
 that of librarian - 8. Five of the respondents are M.D.'s;
 five are attorneys and four are employed in the field of social
 About two out of three of the respondents are employed
 outside the home. of these, nine are working students and
 11 are working mothers.
At the time of the replies, 94 of the 121 were married.
 Thirty-five of the respondents were mothers, having produced
 25 boys and 23 girls.
 Direct responses to the questionnaire follow:
 RUTH HACHENBURG ADELMAN: Ruth worked for 2 1/2 years with the
 School Planning and Research Department of the New York City
 Board of Education. Now the mother of Francis Hart (Frank),
 born March 2, 1969, Ruth has been auditing Art History courses
 at Barnard. Husband Phil is Vice President of Adelman's
 Stationery, Inc., in Union City, New Jersey.
 JANE ROTMAN ALTMAN: Jane received her Master's in Elementary
 Education from Bank Street College in June, 1967. She lists
 her present occupation, however, as "mother": daughter Jennifer
 was born October 29, 1967, and son John arrived October 8, 1969.
 Jane's husband, Bob, is Director of Special Higher Education
 Programs for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher
 ROSEMARY EINOCCHIARO BARTSCH: Rosemary is currently working
 toward a Master's in Psychology at the University of Munich.
 Her husband, Andreas, is an art dealer at Galerie Gurlitt.
 Daughter Christina was born June 2, 1967. Rosemary says she
 hasn't spoken or written English for the past four years --
 and English was her Barnard major!
 SHEILA SCOTT BASSMAN: Sheila is a first-year law student at
 Columbia and mother of Ilana, born April 8, 1967. She is also
 an officer of the New York New Democratic Coalition and involved
 in Democratic Party politics "up to my ears." Sheila did manage
 to put her Barnard chemistry background to use by working as a 
 teaching assistant in chem at Barnard. Husband Myron is a
 programmer with Research EDP, Inc. in New York City.
 LOUISA LIPARI BERGER: Louisa, class Fund Chairman for the
 past five years, received her Master's degree in Library
 Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 1967. She is cur-
 rently working as Reference Librarian at the Youngstown Public
 Library. Husband Martin is Assistant Professor of History at
 Youngstown State University. The [B]ergers are owned by two cats,
 Fred and Jenny.
 IRIS POLK BERKE: Iris earned her Master's degree in English at
 the University of Michigan. She spent three years teaching high
 school English before becoming an Associate in Education at 
 Barnard. Her most exciting experience since graduation, she says,
 was a summer spent in Greece as an AIESEC trainee, a re-assign-
 ment resulting from Israel's Six-Day War. Iris's husband, David,
 is a resident physician at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.
 ELAINE SHAPIRO BERMAN: Elaine is working as a research assistant
 on a Yale/Wesleyan-sponsored project on the political socializa-
 tion of children in England, France, and the United States. Her
 husband, Bruce, is working on his doctorate in political science
 at Yale; his field research enabled the Bermans to spend a year
 in London and a year in Nairobi. Their son, Daniel Stephen was
 born August 31, 1970.
 ELIZABETH ROMBERG BERNSTEIN: Betsy and her husband, Richard, are
 parents of twins, Jessica and Chanon, born September 4, 1969.
 Richard has been interning this last year at the Mary Hitchcock
 Hospital in Hanover, New Hampshire. Beginning in July, the Bern-
 steins will be living in Barrow, Alaska, where Richard will spend
 two years with the Public Health Service.
 JANE RECKFORD BIBA: Jane is a researcher-writer-editor for Buyers
 Laboratory, a consumer-oriented test lab, and is also taking under-
 graduate courses at Hunter to prepare herself for eventual graduate
 study in clinical psychology. Her husband, Paul, is an attorney
 with the firm of DeForest and Duer.
 MARGARET BRAUNER BRISCOE: Margaret is working for the Los Angeles
 County Department of Public Social Services and is the mother of
 Deirdre, born June 27, 1967, and Benjamin, born, July 8, 1969.
 Husband John Terry is a drummer. Margaret considers having her
 children the most exciting thing that has happened to her since
 MARGARET KENT BROOKS: Peggy received a Master's in Political
 Science from Columbia in 1968 and is presently attending Columbia
 Law School. Husband Peter is also a Columbia student, doing
 graduate work in Sociology.
 BARBARA RUBIN BROWN: Barbara received her M.A. in English Lit
 from NYU in October of 1967 and is now teaching English and working
 in the experimental honors and College Development programs at
 Jamaica High School in New York. Husband Alfred is a social
 worker with the Syosset Children's Home. Son Len was born April 23,
 KAREN OSNEY BROWNSTEIN: Karen has an M.A.T. degree in English
 from Northwestern University and spent four years in Chicago
 teaching high school English, writing advertising copy, and
 "going to the beach a lot." The Brownsteins now live in New
 York where Neill is a venture capital investment analyst. Karen's
 most exciting experience since Barnard graduation was giving
 birth to their son, Adam Jordan, on February 10, 1970.
 MARY BURTON: Mary did graduate work in Botany at the University
 of North Carolina and taught high school biology for two years
 before beginning her present studies toward a Master's in Theology
 at Meadville Theological School in Chicago. Her most exciting
 experience, she says, has been the discovery that "the most impor-
 tant things to me in life are my relationships with other people
 and my own self-discovery through that."
DEBORAH ROGERS BUTLER: Debbie is doing admissions work at the
 Brearley School in New York and is the mother of Jonathan R.,
 born November 26, 1969. Husband Jonathan P. is an architect.
 Debbie credits her Barnard background with instilling in her an
 interest in many fields, especially art and history.
 CAROL SHEPPARD CAMERINI-OTERO: Carol received her medical degree
 in June of 1970 from NYU and is currently serving a pediatrics
 internship at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Husband Rafael
 is a candidate for both an M.D. and a Ph.D. at NYU.
 MARILYN SCHULMAN COCHAVI: Marilyn received her master's degree
 in Library Science from Columbia in 1967 and is currently Refer-
 ence Librarian at Suffolk County Community College, where she also
 teaches research methodology. Husband Saadia is a physicist on
 the staff of the Broohaven National Laboratory. Marilyn feels
 that the most exciting thing that has happened since our graduation
 is Women's Liberation.
 SUSAN COHN: Susan received an M.A. in Art Education and is
 presently working on her doctoral dissertation in Creative Arts
 at NYU. Her thesis will consist of an analysis of the paintings
 and drawings of Georgia O'Keeffe as well as a production of her
 own paintings and drawings. Susan is the recipient of a three-year
 N.D.E.A. Title IV Fellowship from NYU.
 NANCY COWLES COLE: Nancy spent two years in Santiago, Chile, with
 the Peace Corps, setting up an Occupational Therapy department in
 a children's hospital. On her return she married John Cole, a
 Columbia graduate student in anthropology, and they set off for
 Tanzania on a six-month archaeological expedition of an Early
 Stone Age site. The Coles are now back in New York where Nancy
 is a program assistant with the National Council of Churches and
 John is continuing his studies.
 BARBARA BARUCH COLEMAN: Barbara is the mother of Andrew Tarkin,
 born September 23, 1968, and Rebecca Lynn, born October 19, 1970,
 and is also a student at NYU Law School. As class Vice President,
 she has spent much of the past year working on Reunion. Husband
 Stephen is Chief Resident in Psychiatry at Bellevue. Since
 "watching and participating in growth is exciting no matter how
 liberated I am or wish to be," Barbara considers her two children
 the most exciting thing that has happened to her since leaving
 CAROLE COOPER: Carole, our class Treasurer for the past five
 years, received a Master of Public Administration degree from
 the Maxwell Graduate School of Syracuse University in June of
 1967. She has been living in Washington and working as a
 management consultant with the firm of Booz, Allen, and Hamilton.
 DOROTHY CHEN COURTIN: Dorothy has her Master's degree and is
 pursuing doctoral studies in Far Eastern Art at Columbia. She is also
 an Instructor in Far Eastern Art History at Finch
 College. (And at Barnard she majored in Zoology!) Husband
 Patrick is an electrical engineer and a Columbia doctoral
 MAUREEN McCULLOUGH DONOHUE: Maureen has an M.A.T. in History
 from Yale and has just received an M.L.S. from SUNY at Albany.
 Husband Paul is an attorney with the New York State Department
 of Insurance. "Besides meeting my husband," says Maureen, "my
 two years‘ work as a trainee at the New York State Law Library in
 Albany was the most exciting thing that has happened to me since
 I left Barnard." This experience should be helpful in her new
 job as Law Librarian of Westchester County.
 CATHERINE DOYLE: Johnnie is working as Production Secretary for
 the City Center Joffrey Ballet. In the spring of 1970 she per-
 formed with the Company in Petruchka at City Center. Another
 exciting experience she will never forget is "sitting with Mr.
 Joffrey the closing night of the Vienna Festival in 1969, in
 the Theatre an der Wien (where Beethoven's "Fidelio" was premiered),
 as the Company received a 31-curtain call, 28-minute standing
 TAMARA LOWE DWORSKY: Tamara is studying ethnomsicology at
 Columbia, working toward an M.A. Husband Lawrence is pre-
 paring his doctoral thesis in electrical engineering at NYU.
 KAREN WESSEL EDELSTEIN: Karen is employed as a part-time
 substitute teacher and is studying for a Master's in Education
 at St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia. Husband Fredric is
 with Samuel Edelstein and Sons, a manufacturing firm. Karen
 feels that "getting married" was the most exciting thing that
 has happened to her since graduation.
 MELANIE ELLIS EHRLICH: Melanie earned her Ph.D. in Biochemistry
 at SUNY at Stony Brook and is presently a Research Associate in
 Biochemistry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her hus-
 band, Kenneth, is a Research Associate in Chemistry at Columbia.
 Since Barnard, Melanie has been "acquiring a deep association
 with nature through hiking and camping."
 ALLYN LONDON ENGELSTEIN: Allyn is a housewife and mother of
 Brad Robert, born December 22, 1968, and Stefani Brooke, born
 November 6, 1970. Husband Joel is an opthalmologist with
 the National Institutes of Health. "The most exciting things
 to happen," says Allyn, "are our children and then our travelling."
 They have been to Spain, Portugal, Western Europe, and the
 KATHERINE FALK: Kathy received her medical degree from Mt.
 Sinai School of Medicine and is currently interning in the
 department of medicine at St. Luke's Hospital Center in New
NELIDA BALLOFFET FERRY: Nelida has her Master's in Library Science.
 from Columbia and works as a part-time librarian specializing in
 rebinding, at the Ossining, N.Y., Public Library. Husband Hugh
 does motion picture research for Columbia Pictures. They are
 the parents of Gwen, born February 11, 1970. For exciting experi-
 ences, Nelida lists: "1968 - saw Parthenon and cried; 1970 -
 gave birth with my husband. We both cried."
 PHYLLIS LOWEN FOX: Phyllia has an M.A.T. in History from Boston
 College. Husband Myron is an attorney with Northern Worcester
 County Legal Aid. The Foxes are the parents of a daughter,
 Samantha born May 18, 1970. Phyllis feels that having Samantha
 has been her most exciting experience in the past five years.
 ENID LITEL FREEDMAN: Enid considers her Tufts M.Ed degree "a
 waste of time." Prior to the birth of Matthew Eric, on Decem-
 ber 19, 1969, Enid was a computer programmer; she intends to
 return to that field. Husband Steve is a products manager with
 Lever Brothers in New York. 
 EMMY SUHL FRIEDLANDER: Emmy earned an M.S. in Biology at NYU 
 and has been doing research at NYU Medical Center on the biochem-
 ical aspects of virus-induced leukemia in mice. Husband Daniel
 is a physician on the staff of Bellevue Hospital. Emmy deems
 "marriage" the most exciting thing that has happened to her since
 leaving Barnard.
 ANNA SACHKO GANDOLFI: Both Anna and husband Arthur are Ph.D.
 candidates in Economics at Columbia. Anna received her M.A. in
 1968 and does research in the Corporate Planning Department of
 the Equitable Life Insurance Society.
 ROSAMOND ROCKWELL GIANUTOS: Rosamond received her Ph.D. in
 Experimental Psychology at NYU in October and is currently
 Assistant Professor of Psychology at Adelphi. Husband John,
 also a psychologist, is with the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical
 Center. The most exciting thing that has happened within the
 past five years, says Rosamond, is "I'm no longer a student."
 SARA DULANEY GILBERT: Sara is a freelance writer and editor and
 is also the mother of Sean, born March 10, 1970. Husband Ian is
 an attorney.
 LAURIE DAVIS GILKES: Liuric expects to receive her M.S.W degree
 in casework this year from NYU. Her most recent field placement
 has been with the Queens Child Guidance Center. Husband Craig
 is an investment banker.
 ALICe RUBINSTEIN GOCHRAN: Alice is Associate Editor of Gourmet
 Magazine; husband Richard is a security analyst. The most exciting 
 thing that has happened to her, says Alice, is that my opportuni-
 ties for excitement have multiplied. My husband, my home, my
 travels, and my job afford me every stimulation that I could pos-
 sibly desire."
 TOBY GOLICK: Toby received her J.D. degree from Columbia Law
 School in June, 1969, and now "represents poor people" on be-
 half of the Center for Social Welfare Policy and Law. Toby
 feels her educational background has proved to be "very helpful
 on crossword puzzles, etc."
 BARBARA BERGMAN GOLTZ: Barbara has an M.A. in Clinical Psy-
 chology from the University of Wisconsin and works for the
 Department of Psychiatry of the University of California at
 San Diego, where the Goltzes reside. Barbara is currently
 designing an evaluation system and evaluating a new multi-
 dimensional community mental health service. Husband Glenn
 is interning at Mercy Hospital. Last fall the Goltzes spent
 three months living and working in Appalachia.
 PATRICIA SAVOIE GOTTFRIED: Pat has her M.A. and is pursuing
 doctoral studies in political science (international law and
 relations) at The New School. She also works as an interna-
 tional market research analyst for Westinghouse Electric.
 Husband John is a real estate broker. The Gottfrieds are
 planning, and may already have embarked upon, a 1 1/2 year
 trip around the world.
 MARY CUSSLER GOULD: Mary has a Master of Library Science
 degree from the University of Michigan and works in inter-
 library loans and circulation at Northeastern University in
 Boston. Husband Franklin is a student. Mary feels that her
 educational background helps her to "preserve my faith in the
 possibility of beauty and rationality."
 PATRICIA GREENSPAN: Pat has her Master's degree and is pur-
 suing doctoral studies in philosophy at Harvard, where she is
 also Resident Tutor in Philosophy at Lowell House. Once a week
 she gives a small philosophy tutorial; in addition, she main-
 tains the House Library and acts as an adviser to resident
 Harvard and Radcliffe students.
 ANTHULA CAROZI GROSS: Anthula is active in the Philadelphia
 New Democratic Coalition and the local Women's Lib Movement.
 She is also treasurer of the Philadelphia Barnard Club, a
 State Committeewoman on the Reform Democratic ticket, and
 the mother of Jason, born May 8, 1969. Prior to Jason's birth,
 Anthula worked for the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S.
 Dept. of Labor, where husband John is presently Regional
 MARGARET HOWLAND HAMILTON: The most exciting thing to happen
 to Margaret since graduation was having her three children,
 twins Edward and Catherine, born November 29, 1966, and Eleanore,
 born May 9, 1970. Husband Charles teaches English at Mt. Herman 
 CAROLYN BRANCATO HARRIS: Candy is pursuing doctoral studies
 in Urban Economics at NYU while working as an economic researcher
 and analyst for New York City's Environmental Protection
 Administration. Husband Jonathan is an attorney with the firm
 of Marshall, Bratter, Greene, Allison, and Tucker.
PATRICIA MILLER HART: Patricia has an M.A. in the teaching of
 English from Columbia's Teachers‘ College and is presently a
 doctoral candidate in counseling psychology at the University
 of Hawaii. (At Barnard she majored in government!) Husband
 Brook is a Public Defender for the State of Hawaii.
 NANI WEISZ HEALY: Nanci received an M.A. in English from NYU
 and presently teaches high school English at South Seneca Central
 School in Ovid, N.Y. Husband Brian is a Ph.D. candidate at 
 Cornell. Son Brett Lyle was born May 28, 1970. "Having Brett,
 via natural childbirth," says Nanci, "was the most exciting I
 thing Brian and I have done together."
 CONSTANCE HESS: Connie is the director of a photographic stock
 house which sells photographs of animals to advertising agencies,
 publishers, etc. Previously she edited children's books, a job
 in which she found her Barnard English background especially
 RUTH WEINSTOCK HEUMAN: The Heumans spent a year in the West
 Indies and are presently living in London where Ruth teaches
 sixth grade math at the American School. Ruth received an M.S.
 degree in Education from Southern Connecticut State College in
 1969. Gad is a graduate student in history at Yale. Ruth feels
 that "some of my teachers at Barnard were among the most impres-
 sive people I have ever met, and their influence is relevant to
 anything I undertake."
 ADRIENNE GRAY HINES: Adrienne is studying toward an M.A. in
 Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University and is also an
 artist, specializing in murals. Husband R. Spencer is Vice
 President of the Frist and Merchants National Bank in Richmond.
 Meeting and marrying her husband has been Adrienne's most exciting
 experience since leaving Barnard.
 KAREN ANDERSON HOLDEN: Karen has an M.A. and expects to receive
 her Ph.D. in Economics with a concentration in demography from
 the University of Pennsylvania where husband James is a graduate
 student in physics.
 LOUISE SHEMIN HOMBURGER: Louise is the mother of Jennifer Anne,
 born November 20, 1966, and Richard Ephraim, born October 7, 1969.
 Husband Thomas is an attorney with the firm of Sonnenschein,
 Levinson, Carlin, Nath, and Rosenthal in Chicago. Louise is con-
 sidering an eventual return to school to get a Master's in Library
 LAURA INSELMAN: Another Class of 1966 physician, Laura received
 her M.D. from Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and is
 currently a pediatrics intern at St. Luke's Hospital in N.Y.C.
 RHEA JACOBS: Rhea received a Certificat d'etudes supérieures
 in comparative literature from the University of Lille, France,
 and is currently a graduate student and teaching associate in
 French at Yale. Rhea reports that she is "single and happy"
 and has enjoyed herself greatly since discovering that "it was
 totally unnecessary to take myself seriously."
 TONNIE SCHWARTZ KATZ: Tonnie studied Urban Affairs at Boston
 University and is currently a journalist. Husband Stephen is a
 student. The Katzes are living in London, England.
 ANNE ELIZABETH DAVIDSON KIDDER: Liz is the mother of Heather
 Anne, born April 8, 1967, and is also a Christian Science College
 Campus Counselor. Husband Rush is Assistant Professor of
 English at Wichita State University in Kansas.
 PHYLLIS GREENHAN KIEHL: Both Phyllis and Husband Royal are
 physicians at the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City.
 Phyllis received her M.D. from the University of Chicago in
 1970 and is presently a pediatric intern.
 JANE BRODY KINZLER: The Kinzlers live in Washington, D.C. where
 Jane is Exhibit Coordinator for the Traveling Exhibition Service
 of the Smithsonian Institution. Peter is an attorney working
 as legislative assistant for Rep. Thomas L. Ashley, D-Toledo,
 LAURIE GEWTZ KIRSZNER: Laurie received an M.A. in English from NYU
 and is presently a doctoral candidate at Temple University.
 Husband Mark is a social worker with the Community Relations
 Division of the New York City Department of Social Services.
 BARRIE GELEHAUS KLAITS: Barrie has done independent research
 on the Miocene Rhinoceros of Sansan, France, at the Paris
 Museum of Natural History. Son Frederick Eugene was born Octo-
 ber 27, 1969. The Klaitses currently reside in Troy, Michigan,
 where Joseph is Assistant Professor of History at Oakland Univ.
 ELLEN KOZAK: Ellen received a J.D. degree from the University
 of Wisconsin in 1969. Admitted to the Wisconsin Bar, Ellen is
 clerking for a Federal Judge in District Court in Milwaukee.
 "In this age of liberated females," Ellen does not think that
 the question of marital status is relevant on a Barnard
 LYNNE MORIARTY LANGLOIS: Lynne expects to receive her M.A.
 in American History from Connecticut College and is presently
 teaching at the Norwich Free Academy. Husband Andrew is an
 executive with the Electric Boat division of General Dynamics.
 Lynne's most exciting experience since graduation was getting
SUSAN PANNY LATTMAN: Susan is currently a medical student
 at the University of Maryland. Previously she worked while
 husband Eaton, now a protein crystallographer in Johns Hopkins
 University's Department of Biophysics, earned his doctorate.
 Susan feels that being a student again has restored her identity
 as "an individual with numerous facets only one of which is a
 wifely one."
 DIANE LEIGHTON: Diane is Public Relations Manager for the
 Clinique division of Estée Lauder, Inc. In answer to our
 question concerning the relevance and usefulness of her educa-
 tion, Diane responded: "Whether I am reading a book, travelling,
 gallery touring or talking with interesting, aware people, I
 know that the individual experiences are enhanced, intensified,
 and appreciated more fully and to better advantage as a result
 of Barnard's background."
 DIANE WOLFE LEVY: Diane has earned her M.A. and is studying
 for a doctorate in French Literature at Columbia. She is also
 a Preceptor at General Studies. Husband Mark is a journalist
 with NBC news.
 JOY MARKMAN LEW: Joy is the wife of Michael, a physician on
 the staff of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and the
 mother of Deana Rachel, born June 13, 1970.
 ELSA LICHMAN: Elsa is a medical social worker at Cambridge,
 Massachusetts, Hospital.
 HAVEN LOGAN: Haven says she is "illegally married" to an
 artist and is a "preschool teacher-freak-revolutionary"
 in Berkeley, California. The most exciting thing to happen
 to her since graduation: "everything."
 HELEN LONGINO: Helen received an M.A. in Philosophy from the
 University of Sussex, England in 1967 and is presently a Ph.D.
 candidate at Johns Hopkins.
 MARJORIE FEIMAN MAGID: Marjorie has an M.A. and expects to
 receive a Ph.D. in French Literature from Rutgers University.
 She says she found graduate school "largely repetition of what
 we did at Barnard." Husband Joel is a Professor at Rutgers in
 SANDRA LEVY MAHL: Sandra received an M.A. in Spanish from
 Teachers College and now teaches Spanish and French in the
 Yonkers Public Schools. Husband Barry is manager of an em-
 ployment agency in New York City.
 BARBARA JORRISCH MAKRIDAKIS: Barbara is presently living in
 Fontainebleu, France, and studying at the Sorbonne. She has
 an M.A. in Romance Literature from NYU. Husband Spyros is
 Professor of Operational Research at the Institut Europeen
 JULIE MARSTELLER: Julie, as readers of the Alumae Magazine
 are probably well aware, is Bernard's Research Archivist, a
 job which grew out of her senior thesis in American Studies.
 She finds her job both interesting and rewarding and feels that
 it is the most exciting thing to happen to her since graduation.
 MARY JANE INCORVIA MATTINA: Mary Jane received her Ph.D. in
 Chemistry from Yale in 1970. Both she and husband Charles
 are members of the Chemistry Department of Albertus Magnus
 college in New Haven. They are also the parents of Emily,
 born May 8, 1970.
 AMY RICHMAN MAYER: Amy is a combination "housewife, mother,
 and student" and describes her work as "hectic." A Barnard
 Russian major, she has been taking undergraduate calculus and
 chemistry courses at Drexel University. Daughter Laurel was
 born June 28, 1967. Husband Nathaniel is a physician at Moss
 Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia.
 SANDRA DI SOMA MESSICK: Sandra is an editor of Spanish and
 English college textbooks for Prentice-Hall, Inc. She has also
 had some of her poetry published. Husband Martin is a photographer.
 DEBORAH UCHILL MILLER: Deborah describes her work as a house-
 wife as "chaotic." Her most exciting experiences were watching
 the births of daughters Arielle Zimrah, on March 17, 1968, and
 Adinah Sharone, March 4, 1970. Husband Clifford is Rabbi of
 Congregation Beth Tikva in Rockville, Maryland.
 JILL MENES MILLER: Jill expects to receive a Ph.D in Clinical
 Psychology from NYU. She works as a psychotherapist at Lincoln
 Institute for Psychotherapy and is also an Instructor in Psycholo-
 gy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Husband Richard is a
 SUSAN APPLEBAUM MILSTEIN: Susan has been working as a systems
 analyst. Husband Barney is an Assistant Professor at Princeton.
 "Meeting and marrying my husband" has been Susan's most exciting
 VASILIKI KAPRI MONOGENIS: Kiki has an M.S.W. degree from Hunter
 College School of Social Work and does case work and group work
 therapy at Edwin Gould Services for Children. Son Nikos was born
 October 14, 1968. Husband Emanuel is Assistant Personnel Director
 of the Chemical Bank of New York. "Being first a wife and then a
 mother" has been Kiki's most exciting experience. ;
 SUSAN MORRIS HEDLING: Susan plays and teaches the flute. Husband
 Fredrik, also a musician, is with the Minnesota Orchestra in Minnea-
MIRIAM GROVE MUNSON: Miriam has an M.A. in Medieval English
 Literature from NYU and is pursuing doctoral studies at Wash-
 ington University in St. Louis. Husband J. Ronald is a Professor
 of Philosophy at the University of Missouri.
 JANE B. NECOL: Jane is acuratorial assistant at the Museum of
 Modern Art in New York. She quite justifiably objected to the
 order of questions on our questionnaire (putting husbands' occu-
 pations before our own) and correctly estimated the large per-
 centage of or classmates working in professional capacities. 
 BONNIE NEUSTADTER: Bonnie expects to receive a Master's degree
 in Urban Planning from Hunter College this year. She works part
 time as an Urban Task Force Leader at the Upper West Side Office
 of the Mayor's Urban Task Force in New York. 
 ANNETTE NIEMTZOW: Annette has an M.A. and will soon receive a Ph.D
 in English from Harvard, where she is an A.A.U.W. Scholar. Her
 thesis is on the "New Woman in America" and she feels that
 women's liberation has been the most exciting event of the past
 five years. Annette is another of the classmates who voiced
 objections to the questionnaire.
 GRETCHEN ANNE OLDER: Gretchen is a Research Economist for the
 New York State Department of Transportation, working primarily
 on a federally-sponsored demonstration project to alleviate
 under- and unemployment by providing transportation to employ-
 ment centers. She is also studying for a Master's degree in
 Urban Economic Planning at The New School.
 JANE T. WITHERSPOON PELTZ: Jane earned her M.L.S. degree at
 McGill University and now does reference work at the Metro-
 politan Toronto Public Library. Husband Victor is a systems
 programmer at the University of Toronto. Jane's most exciting
 experience: "Turning on."
 CAMILLA STEGE PETERSON: Camilla is a librarian at the Bailey
 Library of the University of Vermont in Burlington where hus-
 band Sidney is Assistant Head Librarian in charge of acquisitions.
 Camilla earned her M.L.S. at Rutgers. The Petersons have
 purchased a 285 acre farm in Fairfield and are "striving toward
 independent subsistence living -- our own vegetables, goat
 milk and cheese, and wild foods."
 VERNA HENDRICK PLONA: Verna is the mother of Genevieve Adrienne,
 born January 18, 1968, and Galen Henry, born November 12, 1969.
 Husband Henry is a process engineer with Pratt and Whitney Air-
 craft. The Plonas are in the process of restoring their recently
 acquired 120-year-old house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.
 NANCY TALLY POLEVCY: Nancy earned her M.S.W. degree in casework
 at the Columbia University School of Social Work and is employed
 in the Adoption Department of the Louise Wise Services in New
 York. Husband Martin is an attorney with the firm of Bachner,
 Tally, and Mantell.
 English at Yale and is now writing her doctoral dissertation 
 in the field of Victorian children's literature. She is also 
 an Instructor in Literature at Northeastern University in 
 Boston. Husband Lawrence is a physicist at the Francis Bitter 
 National Magnet Laboratory of M.I.T. 
 DEBORAH ROSENBERG ROACH: Debbie has a Master of Public Health
 (Administrative Medicine) degree from Columbia and is the 
 Director of Family Planning for the Metropolitan Health Depart- 
 ment of Nashville, Tennessee. Husband William is a Vanderbilt 
 University law student. For exciting experiences, Debbie lists 
 her previous work at Planned Parenthood in San Francisco and 
 her discovery of Women's Lib.  
 JUDITH OSTROW ROBERTSON: Judie has an M.Phil degree in Anthro-
 pology from the London School of Economics and is working toward 
 a Columbia Ph.D. Presently she is doing field work with Punjabi 
 immigrants in London for her thesis. Husband John is a graduate 
 student in history at London University and a part-time lecturer 
 at the University of Essex.
 JEMERA RONE: Jemera is a project development coordinator for New 
 York City's Housing and Development Administration. As such, she
 acts as liaison between the federal government (FHA) and non-profit 
 groups in sponsoring moderate income housing in urban renewal 
 areas. Jemera has also been studying acting at the Herbert 
 Berghof Studio, and dance at the Merce Cunningham Studio. 
 DIANE RUDO: Diane earned an M.B.A. in marketing at the Univer-
 sity of Pennsylvania's Wharton Graduate School of Finance and 
 Commerce. She is employed as an account executive by the New 
 York advertising firm of Sullivan, Stauffer, Colwell and Bayles. 
 JUDITH SCHATZ SCHAEFFER: Judy, who has been Class President the 
 past five years, has an M.L.S. degree from Columbia and works as 
 a cataloger at the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library on Long Island. 
 Husband Karl is a copy editor at Newsday. Judy's most exciting 
 experience was "the publication of the 1969 Supplement to the 
 Senior High School Library Catalog with 'edited by Judith Schaeffer' 
 on the title page." 
 PAMELA JOHNSON SCHEINMAN: Both Pam and husband Marc are graduate 
 students at Indiana University. She is a candidate for an M.F.A. 
 degree in Textiles (weaving). Previously, Pam worked as an assistant
 editor at Indiana University Press. 
 SUSAN EISNER SCHIFF: Sue earned her J.D. degree at the University
 of Santa Clara Law School and served a year's clerkship with the 
 California Court of Appeals. Husband Lewis is an aeronautical 
 research engineer for NASA.
ELENA CARYN SCHMIDT: Elena has an M.A. in Anatomy and is working
 on her Ph.D. dissertation in the Department of Pathology of
 Columbia Graduate Faculties at the College of Physicians and
 Surgeons. Part of Elena's doctoral research was accepted in
 abstract form and published in the November supplement of the
 Journal of Cell Biology.
 PAULA SCHARF SCHOPF: Paula earned a Master's degree in the
 teaching of social studies at Columbia Teachers College.
 Presently she lists her occupation as "mother". "It's full,
 time, believe me," she says. Son Simeon Meir was born April 24,
 1970. Husband Michael is an attorney for the Civil Aeronautics
 Board in Washington.
 DEANA PREISER SCHUCK: Deana is a housewife and mother of two:
 daughter Cheryl born October 23, 1966, and son Akiva, born
 January 17, l968. She describes her work as "much housework and
 infinite caring for, loving of, and despairing over my children."
 Husband Solomon is a psychologist at Monmouth College in Lakewood, 
 New Jersey.
 STEPHANI COOK SIEGEL: Stephani is a fashion model with the Ford
 Model Agency and is also the mother of 3-year-old Alexandra and 1-
 year-old Zachary. Husband James, an investment banker with Kuhn,
 Loeb and Co., helped Stephani to deliver Zachary at home, "un-
 planned," Stephani assures us.
 PATRICIA GARDNER SNEPP: Pat's questionnaire was submitted by
 her mother, who informs us that Pat has been living in Hong
 Kong. Husband Frank is a writer and is with the American
 government in Saigon.
 EDNA CARTER SOUTHARD: Edna has lived and worked in Belgium
 and Germany but presently resides in Chicago where she is an
 editorial assistant at the University of Chicago Press. Hus-
 band Robert is a U. of Chicago graduate student in history and
 also teaches undergraduate courses.
 CECILE TERRIEN SPEARMAN: Cecile earned an M.A. in Education
 at CCNY and now teaches first grade at P.S. 200 in Manhattan.
 Previously she has worked in Puerto Rico and helped to train
 indigenous Peace Corps (V.E.S.P.R.A.) volunteers. Husband
 Jerry is a photographer for the Office of Urban Design of
 New York City's Planning Commission.
 MARCIA WEINSTEIN STERN: Marcia has served as class correspon-
 dent for the past five years. She lists her present occupa-
 tion as "research assistant, financial advisor, navigator,
 chef, personal secretary, housekeeper, interior decorator,
 wife, and mother." Son Jonathan was born May 7, 1970. Hus-
 band Richard is an attorney with Bristol-Myers Co., in New
 York. The Sterne have spent several summers driving around
 the United States visiting National Parks and Monuments.
 SANDRA FROMER STINGLE: Sandra received an M.A. in psychology 
 from Columbia Teachers College as us a part-time Instructor 
 at Barnard. Husband Walter is a physician on the staff of
 Roosevelt Hospital in New York.
 LAUREN SEIDEL STORCK: Lauren earned a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology
 at CUNY and did research in neuropsychology at the Columbia's
 College of Physicians and Surgeons. Currently the Storcks are
 living in Madrid, where Lauren's husband John is with the
 management consultant firm of Touche Ross.
 ANN FRIEDMAN STREM: Ann earned an M.A.T. in Art Education at
 Harvard and is presently in business for herself designing and
 manufacturing stationary which she sells to department stores,
 including Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, 
 and the Harvard Coop. Husband Michael is a chemical manufacturer 
 in Danvers, Massachusetts.
 JANET SULLIVAN: After majoring in psychology at Barnard for
 reasons of "pracitcality", Janet decided that what is important
 is "doing something you really love." She has therefore begun
 to pursue a career in music. In 1968 she received an M.A. in
 music from Teachers College and now teaches music at CCNY and
 does freelance singing. She still retains an avocational 
 interest in psychology, however.
 KATHLEEN DIXON SWIFT: Kathleen is a housewife, mother, and
 Director of the Language Lab at York College in York Pa.
 Son Brian Walter was born August 5, 1969. Husband Walter is
 an engineer with Allis-Chalmers. The birth was Kathleen's most
 exciting experience since Barnard graduation.
 PHYLLIS SHAPIRO TABBOT: Phyllis is the mother of Deborah Ann, 
 born May 24, 1967, and Peter Neal, born July 2, 1968. She is 
 learning how to play tennis but spends most of her time "raising 
 my family and making our new house a home." Husband Gilbert 
 is a dentist with offices in Denville, New Jersey. the Tabbots' 
 home is in White Meadow Lake. 
 LEAH SELTZER TARLOW: Leah has taken some general Jewish educa-
 tion courses at Jewish Theological Seminary since graduation. 
 Currently her duties are those of housewife, clergyman's wife, 
 and mother of Elisha Miriam, born August 30, 1968. Husband 
 Kenneth is Rabbi of Har Zion Temple in Radnor, Pa., where the 
 Tarlows reside. 
 SHALVA TELUSHKIN: Shalva has a Master's from the Columbia School 
 of Library Service and works as Semitics Cataloger at Brandeis 
 University. She enjoys living in Cambridge, especially because 
 of the presence of such a huge, vibrant student community. 
CHERYL MONTGOMERY WEISBERG: Cheryl has taken courses in
 early childhood education at Bank Street College and is
 presently teaching first grade in a project sponsored by
 CCNY's Education Clinic. The goal of the project is the
 establishment of an open classroom and individualized cur-
 riculum within a public school setting. Husband Jeffrey
 is a physician at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. The Weise
 bergs live in Mt. Kisco.
 MARY ELIZABETH WEXFORD: Mary Elizabeth is Legislative Assis-
 tant and Executive Secretary of the New York Civil Liberties
 Union, a job which entails coordinating the NYCLU's legisla-
 tive activities. Previous to this, she spent a year living
 and working in Finland.
 SHARRON WHITTEN: Sharron is working as a research assistant
 for the Metropolitan Applied Research Center. Her work at
 present involves the compilation and dissemination of statis-
 tical information about the New York City public school system.
 SUSAN PETERS WILDER: An Economics major at Barnard, Sue received
 her M.A. in Russian history from NYU. Presently she is a
 portfolio manager with Bankers Trust Co. in New York. Husband
 Robert is a real estate consultant with James Landauer Associ-
 City and Regional Planning at Pratt Institute. She is now
 an Assistant Planning Director for the South West Regional
 Planning Agency in Connecticut. Husband Alfred is an electri-
 cal engineer with the Norden Division of United Aircraft Corp.
 ELLEN YOUNGELSON: Ellen received an M.A. in Education of the
 Deaf from NYU. ("I never appreciated a liberal arts education
 until I spent a year at the NYU School of Ed.") She is now
 pursuing doctoral studies in psycholinguistics at Yeshiva
 University's Ferkauf Graduate School. She also teaches deaf
 second graders, "most of whom have other problems," at J.H.S. 47,
 a New York City public school for the deaf.
 Miss Joan M. Abelove
 250 West 82 Street, Apt.43
 New York, N. Y. 10024
 Mrs. Philip S. Adelmen
 13 Seventh Street
 Englewood Cliffs, N. J.
 Ruth S. Hachenburg
 Miss Lynn Alexander
 158-09 14 Avenue ;
 Beechhurst. N. Y. 11357
 Miss Frances J. Allou
 1010 Massachusetts Avenue
 Apt. 7
 Cambridge. Mass. 02138
 Mrs. Robert A. Altman ’
 425 Lipan Way
 Boulder, Colo. 80303
 Jane C. Rotman
 Miss Kate G. Bagley
 6125 Sheridan Street 3
 Davenport, Iowa 52806
 Mrs. Andreas Bartsch
 Kurfursten Platz 6
 8 Munich 13, Germany
 Rosemary Finocchiaro
 Mrs. Myron Bassman
 765 Amsterdam Avenue.Apt.7H
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Sheila Scott
 Miss Paula S. Bassoff
 180 Claremont Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10027
 Mrs. Peter Belfiore
 115 Dean Street
 Valley Stream, N. Y. 11580
 Elizabeth M. Stafford
 Miss Linda M. Bellotti
 63 Sacramento Street
 Cambridge, Mass. 02138
 Mrs. Robert W. Benson
 14 Lyndale Park
 Westport, Conn. 06880
 Lesley Ann Higby
 Mrs. Martin Berger
 2229 Joleta
 Youngstown, Ohio 44504
 Louisa Rae Lipari
 Mrs. David K. Berke
 175 Pinehurst Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10033
 Iris Ellen Polk
 Miss Sandra R. Berliant 
 35-31 88 Street
 Jackson Heights, N.Y. 
 Mrs. Bruce J. Berman
 465 Mansfield St. Shapiro
 New Haven, Conn. 0651
 Elaine Shapiro
 Mrs. Richard Bernstein
 2 Dorrance Place
 Hanover, N. H, 03755 
 Elizabeth G. Romberg
 Mrs. Roger M. Bernstein
 81 Bedford Street 
 New York, N. Y. 10014 
 Margrit E. Stolz
 Miss Mary Kay Bester
 7729 North Hermitage Avenue
 Chicago, Ill. 60626
 Mrs. Paul K. Biba
 175 West 79 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10024 
 Jane E. Rockford
 Mrs. Charles Bleiberg
 250 Cabrini Boulevard 
 New York, N. Y. 10033 
 Mary Joffe Siegel
 Mrs. Robert D. Bloom
 23-52 Mott Avenue
 Far Rockaway, N. Y. 11691
 Ethel Gandin 
 Mrs. Robert S. Blumberg
 3901 Independence Avenue
 Bronx, N. Y. 10463
 Edwina Cruise
 Mrs. Lincoln A. Boehm
 222 Martling Avenue, Apt.1F 
 Tarrytown, N. Y., 10591 
 66 Suzan K. Abeles 
 Mrs. David Boettiger
 1711 Jefferson Street
 Madison, Wisc. 53711
 Julie Keosian
 Miss Charlotte E. Brauer
 1604 N. Ft. Harrison Avenue
 Clearwater, Fla. 33515
 Mrs. Richard J. Brignoli
 214 Riverside Drive
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Evelyn T. Burr
 Mrs. John T. Briscoe 
 5907 Weaver St. 
 Los Angeles, Calif. 90042
 Margaret Brauner
 Mrs. Frank Brodhead
 90 Woolsey Street
 New Haven, Conn. 06513
 Ruth S. Meyerowitz
Miss Benna M. Brodsky
 112 Brownell Street
 New Haven, Conn. 06511
 Miss Nancy Brooks
 1555 Unionport Road
 Bronx, N. Y. 10462
 Mrs. Peter S. Brooke
 254 West 93 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10025
 Margaret L. Kent
 Miss Maira Brourman
 6315 Forbes Avenue
 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217
 Mrs. Neill H. Brownstein
 2727 Palisades Ave.
 Bronx, N. Y. 10463
 Karen Osney 
 [handwritten] 796-3098
 Miss Irene Brun
 784 Columbus Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Miss Cornelia Brunner
 46 West 83 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10024
 Miss Mary V. Burton
 18 Christopher Street
 New York, N. Y. 10014
 Mrs. Jonathan P. Butler
 222 E. 71st St.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10021
 Deborah Rogers
 Mrs. Rafael D. Camerini-Otero
 340 East 34 Street 
 New York, N.Y. 10016
 Carol T. Sheppard
 Miss Margot C. Camp
 Watch Hill
 Rhode Island 02891
 Mrs. E. Russell Carter 
 600 W. 111th St.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10025
 Alexandra Brown
 Mrs. Ronald J. Chevako
 c/o Mobil Latin America
 633 3 Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10016
 Anne Wollam
 Miss Irene Y. Chun
 411 West 115 Street, Apt.54
 New York, N.Y. 10025
 Mrs. John J. Cirigliano
 147 East 82 Street, Apt. 7C
 New York, N. Y. 10028
 Susan M. Saunders
 Miss Adele E. Clarke
 82 Forsyth Street
 New York, N. Y. 10002
 Mrs. Saadia Cochavi
 645-87 Belle Terre Road
 Port Jefferson, N. Y. 11777
 Marilyn Schulman
 Mrs. Harry L. Cody
 644 Oak Street
 Winnetka, Ill. 60093
 Penelope Hassen
 Miss Harriet R. Cohen 
 521 North McKean Street
 Butler, Pa. 16001
 Miss Susan F. Cohn
 30-39 35 Street
 Long Island City, N. Y.
 Mrs. John R. Cole 
 431 Riverside Dr. 
 N.Y., N.Y. 10025
 Nancy Cowles
 Mrs. Stephen Coleman
 25 Parade Place
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 11226
 Barbara Baruch
 Mrs. Allen Cooper
 23880 Shelburne Road
 Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122
 Marsha Teitelba[...]
 Miss Carafe L. Cooper
 1250 4 Street, SW, Apt. 315
 Washington, D. C. 20024
 Miss Ina Rita Cooper
 29 Avenue W
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 11223
 Mrs. Patrick Courtin
 400 West 119 Street, Apt. 4Q
 New York, N. Y. 10027
 Dorothy Chen
 Miss Sharon Lee Cronan
 499 Briggs Road
 Westport, Mass. 02790
 Miss Sheila Curnen
 295 Beacon Street
 Boston, Mass. 02116
 Miss Mary S. Cussler
 601 Rockland Road
 Wilmington, Del. 19803
 Miss Constance M. Dolan
 11 Elko Street
 Brighton, Mass. 02135
 Mrs. Paul F. Donohue, Jr.
 24 Tappan Landing Rd.
 Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591
 Maureen McCullough
 Mrs. Elliot N. Dorff
 515 West 110 Street, Apt. 7A
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Marlynn Werthei[...]
 Miss Catherine Ann Doyle
 132 West 74 Street
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 10024
 Mrs. Roland E. Droitsch
 3201 North Pershing Drive
 Arlington, Va. 22201 
 Helen C. Chapman
 Miss Katherine F. Duncan
 589 First Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10016
 Mrs. Lawrence Dworsky
 2754 Claflin Avenue
 Bronx, N. Y. 10468
 Tamara L. Lowe
 Miss Rita Dyckman
 99-37 65 Avenue
 Rego Park, N. Y, 11374
 Mrs. Edward E. Edelstein
 c/o Relin
 2470 East Avenue
 Rochester, N. Y. 14610
 Jane Relin
 Mrs. Fredric E. Edelstein
 641 Addison Street
 Philadelphia, Pa. 19147
 Karen R. Wessel
 Mrs. Sanford Ehrenkranz
 444 East 75 Street
 ‘New York, N. Y. 10021
 Lois M. Beekman
 Mrs. Kenneth C. Ehrlich
 108 Motor Avenue
 Farmingdale, N.Y. 11735 
 Melanie Ellis
 Miss Ellen Sue Engelson
 21 Hampton Avenue
 Yonkers, N. Y. 10710
 Mrs. Joel M. Engelstein
 512 Rutgers Street
 Yale Village
 Rockville, Md. 
 Allyn J. London
 Miss Delia G. Ephron
 176 East 71 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Mrs. Fred J. Epstein
 351 East 84 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10033 
 Kathy Candel
 Mrs. Jerome M. Epstein
 Avenida Forest 1531 
 3er Piso, Departmento B
 Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Jane E. Geller
 Miss Katherine Falk
 1125 Park Avenue
 New York, N. Y. l0028
 Miss Helene J. Farber
 440 East 56 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10022
 Mrs. Sheldon Ferber
 1160 Ocean Avenue
 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230
 Linda Sue Rappaport
 Mrs. Hugh C. Ferry
 259 Illington Road
 Ossining, N.Y. 10562
 Nelida M. Balloffet
 Miss Laurie Ruth Finck
 184-33 Aberdeen Road
 Jamaica, N. Y. 11432
 Mrs. Eric Foner
 606 West 116 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10027
 Naomi Achs
 Mrs. Myron Fox
 125 Horse Pond Road
 Sudbury, Mass. 01726 
 Phyllis S. Lowen
 Mrs. Colin H. Frank
 c/o Kashner
 145 West 108 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Robin Craven
 Mrs. Peter Fraser
 320 Riverside Drive 
 New York. N. Y. 10025 
 Bonnie Lee Dickes
 Mrs. Stephen Freedman
 2588 High Ridge Road 
 Stamford, Conn. 06903 
 Enid Ruth Litel
 Mrs. Alan D. Freeman
 5111 8 Road South, Apt.30
 Arlington. Va. 22204 
 Iris Eve Chuven
 Miss Carol F. Fried
 5715 South Kenwood Avenue
 Chicago. Ill. 60637
 Miss Dorothy E. Friedberg
 691 Gerard Avenue
 Bronx, N. Y. 10451
 Mrs. Daniel Friedlander
 287 Avenue C 
 New York, N. Y. 10009
 Emmy R. Suhl
 Mrs. Morton L. Friedman
 319 East 25 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10010
 Ellen D. Wolkin
 Mrs. Arthur E. Gandolfi, Jr. 
 83-04 95 Avenue
 Ozone Park, N. Y. 11416
 Anna M. Sachko 
 Miss Patricia B. Gardner
 3253 Lambert Place
 Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
 Miss Celia Genishi
 424 Eighth Avenue
 San Francisco, Calif. 94118
 Mrs. John Gianutsos
 38-25 52 Street 
 Long Island City, N. Y.
 Rosamont Rockwell
 Mrs. Ian R. Gilbert
 16 West 75 street, Apt.1B
 New York. N. Y. 10023
 Sara Dulaney 
Mrs. Craig M. Gilkes
 240 East 82 Street 
 New York, N.Y. 10028
 Laurie A. Davis
 Miss Sylvia M. Gillett 
 Box 10096
 Raieigh, N. C. 27605
 Mrs. Simon B. Gluck
 98-21 65 Avenue
 Rego Park, N. Y. 11374
 Barbara G. Reich
 Mrs. Richard M. Gochman
 300 East 71 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Alice S. Rubinstein
 Mrs. Michael A. Goldfarb
 350 East 17 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10003
 Barbara D. Suskind
 Mrs. Naomi C. Goldstein
 233 West 21 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10011
 Naomi Cohen
 Miss Toby B. Golick
 46 W. 83rd St.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10024
 Mrs. Glenn P. Goltz
 205-K Eagle Heights Drive
 Madison, Wisc. 53705
 Barbara S. Bergman
 Miss Carol Goodman
 307 East 77 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Mrs. Burton K. Gordon
 160 East 88 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10028
 Rita S. Werner
 Mrs. Lloyd Gordon
 2200 Sacramento Street
 San Francisco, Calif. 94115
 Rochelle S. Haimowitz
 Mrs. John Gottfried 
 110 West 15 Street, Apt. 2
 New York, N.Y. 10011
 Patricia J. Savoie
 Miss. Rachel V. Gottfried
 660 West 178 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10033
 Miss Doris Gove
 Old Patrick Road
 Warren, Mass. 01083
 Miss Barbara L. Grado
 641 46 Street
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 11220
 Miss Norma R. Green
 27 Park Road
 Maplewood, N. J. 07040
 Miss Patricia S. Greenspan
 83 Brattle Street
 Cambridge, Mass. 02138
 Mrs. John Gross
 305 Hopkinson House
 602 Washington Square South
 Philadelphia, Pa. 19105
 Anthula Carozi
 Miss Holly Lynn Gunner
 33 Concord Avenue
 Cambridge, Mass. 02138
 Mrs. Frederick D. Haeseler
 29 Polhemus Place
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 11215
 Martha Porter
 Miss D. Catherine Hall
 155 East 77 Street, Apt. 2E
 New York, N.Y. 10021
 Miss Susan L. Halper
 541 East 20 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10010
 Miss Felice Hamada
 541 East 20 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10010
 Miss Felice Hamada 
 67-15 102 Street
 Forest Hills, N. Y. 11375
 Mrs. Charles K. Hamilton, Jr-
 Box 75
 Mount Hermon, Mass. 01354
 Margaret Howland
 Mrs. Richard E. Hanson, Jr.
 123 West 55 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10019
 Diana Bigelow
 Mrs. Jonathan M. Harris
 535 West 113 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10025 
 Carolyn Brancat[...]
 Mrs. Michael I. Harrison
 11 Satterly Road
 East Setauket, N. Y. 11733 
 Jo-Ann Schonfe[...]
 Mrs. Brook Hart
 1090 Spencer Street
 Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
 Patricia Miller 
 Mrs. Brian Healy 
 1502 Slaterville Rd.
 Ithaca, N.Y. 14850
 Nanci Anne Weisz
 Mrs. Michael N. Hechter
 412 West 110 Street, Apt. 42
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Katherine Stablef[...]
 Miss Carole R. Heller
 166 Hemlock Road
 Manhasset, N. Y. 11030
 Miss Jane Aline Helton
 340 East 80 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Miss Patricia E. Henson
 100 Decatur Street
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 11216
 Miss Constance B. Hess
 40 E. 68th St.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10021
 Mrs. Gad Heuman
 1364 Chestnut Street
 Manchester, N. H. 03104
 Ruth E. Weinsto[...]
 Miss Barbara Hilkevitch
 163 Avenue B
 New York, N.Y. 10009
 Mrs. R. Spencer Hines, Jr.
 5300 Ditchley Road
 Richmond, Va. 23226 
 Adrienne Gray
 Mrs. Lawrence Hoinig
 332 Manheim Street
 Philadelphia, Pa. 19144
 Carolyn J. Mather
 Mrs. John G. Hoeschler
 1793 Yorkshire Avenue
 St. Paul, Minn. 55116
 Linda M. Lovas
 Mrs. Nancy Hoffman
 145 East 84 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10028
 Nancy Levitt
 Mrs. James E. Holden
 3418 Sansom
 Philadelphia, Pa. 19104 
 Karen C. Anderson
 Mrs. Thomas C. Homburger
 5458 Hyde Park Boulevard 
 Chicago, Ill. 60615
 Louise P. Shemin
 Miss Nancy Y. Hsu
 11595 Massachusetts Avenue
 Cambridge, Mass. 02138
 Mrs. Clifford C. Huffman
 27 Ash Street Claire 
 Cambridge, Mass. 02138 
 Claire A. Licari 
 Miss Donna E. Hunger
 Titusville Road
 Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 12603
 Mrs. Peter Hutchings
 301 West 89 Street. Apt. 1
 New York, N. Y. 10024
 Marsha Kayser
 Miss Barbara Joy Insel
 3612 O Street N.W.
 Washington, D. C. 20007
 Miss Laura Sue Inselman
 2548 East 12 Street
 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235
 Miss Frances Anne Jackson
 855 West End Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Miss Dana E. Jacobi
 439 East 88 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10028
 Miss Rhea L. Jacobs
 319 Humphrey Street
 New Haven, Conn. 06511
 Mrs. Richard R. Jaffe
 96 Hunting Ridge Road
 Stamford, Conn. 06903
 Miriam J. Margolin
 Miss Thora Marian Johannson
 22 Norwich Court
 Midland, Mich. 48640
 Miriam J. Margolin
 Mrs. Bruce Johnson 
 2711 Virginia 
 Berkeley, Calif. 94703
 Miss Barbara E. Jorrisch
 711 Walton Avenue
 Bronx, N. Y. 10451
 Mrs. Andrew L. Kahn
 310 East 70 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Peggyanne Semel
 Mrs.  Jan H. Kalicki
 Cumberland Lodge
 The Great Park
 Windsor, Berkshire, England
 Anne M. Cleveland
 Mrs. Robert A. Kaplan
 23 High Hollow Road
 Roslyn Heights, N.Y.
 Natalie R. Zilinsky
 Mrs. Thomas M. H. Kappner
 530 West 122 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10027
 Augusta Souza
 Miss Babette N. Karsh
 4465 Douglas Avenue
 Bronx, N. Y. 10471
 Mrs. Stephen R. Katz
 116 Sutherland Road, Apt.11
 Boston, Mass. 02146
 Tonnie L. Schwartz
 Miss Maryte D. Kavaliauskas
 54 Bushnell Street
 Dorchester, Mass. 02124
 Mrs. Donald P. Keel. Jr.
 565 Willow Road. Apt. 31
 Menlo Park, Calif. 94025
 Elizabeth A. Compton
 Mrs. Stephen C. Kennedy
 200 Carmen Avenue, Apt. 36A
 East Meadow, N.Y. 11554 
 Charlotte C. Tyte
 Miss Lucille Kerr
 Dept. of Modern Language
 University of Santa Clara
 Santa Clara. Calif. 95053
 Mrs. Robert S. Kersner
 c/o Griff
 22360 South Woodland Road
 Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122
 Elaine G. Griff
 Mrs. Rushworth M. Kidder
 2500 North Roosevelt
 Wichita, Kan. 67220
 Anne E. Davidson
 Mrs. Royal Pearson Kiehl
 5844 South Harper Avenue
 Chicago, Ill. 60637
 Phyllis S. Greenman
 Mrs. Howard A. Kiernan, Jr.
 142 West End Avenue
 New York, N.Y. 10023
 Frances J. Landau
Mrs. Peter Kinzier
 365 O Street, SW
 Washington D. C. 20024
 Jane L. Brody
 Mrs. Mark Kirszner 
 c/o Gertz
 4222 Manhattan Avenue
 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11224
 Laurie A. Gertz
 Mrs. Joseph A. Klaits
 1071 Kirts
 Troy, Mich. 48084
 Barrie J. Gelbhaus
 Miss Alice H. Klein
 238 Berkeley Place
 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217
 Miss Nancy Klein
 2 Bethune Street, Apt.2B
 New York, N.Y. 10014 
 Mrs. Alan Kleinberg
 301 E. 75th St.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10021
 Eleanor Rose
 Miss Susan J. Kornzweig
 1035 Grand Concourse
 Bronx, N. Y. 10452
 Miss Naomi J. Koshel
 1507 Metropolitan Avenue
 Bronx, N.Y. 10462
 Mrs. Edward M. Koster
 250 East 63 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Gail P. Shulman
 Mrs. Marty Krall
 1600 S. Eads St.
 Arlington, Va. 22202
 Ruth Feder
 Mrs. David F. Kroenlein
 26 Phelps Road
 Middletown, R.I. 02840
 Miss Sheila Krystal
 9255 Doheny Road
 Los Angeles, Calif. 90069
 Mrs. Andrew Langlois
 107 Niles Hill Road
 New London. Conn. 06320
 Lynne E. Moriarty
 Mrs. Wayne F. Larrabee, Jr.
 916 Gov. Nicholls, #4
 New Orleans, La. 70116
 Suzette E. Ashby
 Mrs. Eaton E. Lattman ’
 c/o Panny
 313 West 92 Street
 New York, N. Y. 100025
 Susan R. Panny
 Mrs. Sanford Leff
 20 Cliff Street
 Staten Island, N. Y. 10305 
 Alice R. Shapiro
 Miss Diane V. Leighton
 505 E. 79th St.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10021
 Miss Nancy C. Levin
 2716 Franklin Street, #3
 San Francisco, Calif. 94123
 Miss Barbara Leon
 76 St. Marks Place 
 New York, N.Y. 10003
 Miss Sylvia M. Lerman
 831 East 18 Street
 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230
 Mrs. David Lesk
 1017 Waterloo Street
 London, Ontario, Canada
 Lieba S. Wilens[...]
 Miss Rhea L. Levine
 2709 Ocean Avenue, Apt. A-7
 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229
 Miss Janet F. Levitt
 31 Forster Parkway
 Mount Vernon, N.Y. 10552
 Mrs. Gerald M. Levy
 3900 Greystone Avenue
 Bronx, N. Y. 10463
 Sarah Friedman
 Mrs. Leslie Levy
 201 Main Street
 Farmington, Conn. 06032
 Margaret Poss
 Mrs. Mark R. Levy
 310 West 106 Street, Apt.11A
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Diane Wolfe
 Miss Rita Susan Levy
 American Heritage Pub. Co.
 551 5 Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10017
 Mrs. Michael A. Lew
 32 Morse Street 
 Watertown, Mass. 02172
 Joy D. Markman
 Miss Julie E. Lewin
 601 West 113 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10025
 Miss Eileen Lewis
 235 Davis Avenue
 Albany, N. Y. 12208
 Mrs. John A. Lewis
 2977 Doris
 Detroit, Mich. 48238
 Denise Jackson
 Miss Elsa L. Lichman
 62 Rockaway Avenue
 Marblehead, Mass. 01945
 Mrs. Hillel Liebert
 4502 33 Street
 Detroit. Mich. 48210
 Faith Holsa[...]
 Miss Nora E. Lih
 2117 Dwight Way
 Berkeley, Calif. 94704
 Miss Penny Joan Lipkin
 3348 Starr St.
 Lincoln, Nebraska
 Miss Mary R. Lithgow
 54 Alexander Street
 Princeton N.J. 08540
 Miss Linda M. Llloyd-Jones
 62 Clark Street, Apt. BF
 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201
 Miss M. Haven Logan
 Blue Forest Farm
 Miden, N.H. 03770
 Miss Helen E. Longino
 103 West 39 Street
 Baltimore, Md. 21210
 Mrs. Serge R. Lopoukhine
 171 High Avenue
 Nyack, N. Y. 10960
 Anastasia Haustow
 Mrs. Jerry Love
 9026 1 Street, North
 St. Petersburg, Fla. 33702
 Carol Dann
 Mrs. Andrew V. Lukas
 20 Curve Street
 Wellesley, Mass. 02181
 Teresa Naugle
 Miss S. Elizabeth Lyman
 Holderness P.O.
 Holderness, N.H. 03245
 Miss Gael R. Macnamara
 Butler Hall
 88 Morningside Drive
 New York, N.Y. 10027
 Miss Jean M. MacRae
 75 Goldhurst Terrace
 London N.W.6, England.
 Mrs. Joel Magid
 402 Raritan Avenue 
 Highland Park, N. J. 08904 
 Marjorie Feiman
 Mrs. Barry B. Mahl
 90 Park Terrace East 
 New York, N. Y. 10034
 Sandra Levy
 Mrs. Richard E. Malina
 145 East 16 Street, Apt.11C 
 New York, N. Y. 10003
 Lynne Ruth Braverman
 Miss Louise P. Marinis
 41 Charles Street, 3H
 New York, N.Y. 10014
 Mrs. James C. Marlas
 151 East 71 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Kendra Sue Graham
 Miss Julie V. Marsteller
 1060 Fifth Ave.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10028
 Miss Catha Maslow
 401 East 86 Street, Apt. 18B
 New York, N.Y. 10028
 Mrs. Charles F. Mattina Jr.
 129 Westerleigh Road
 New Haven, Conn. 06515
 Mary Jane Incorvia
 Mrs. Nathaniel Mayer
 Ashbourne Manor Apartments
 155 East Jodfrey Avenue
 Philadelphia, Pa. 19120
 Amy M. Richman
 Mrs. John McAlpin
 South Carolina State Coll. 
 Orangeburg, S.C. 29115
 Carol Joan Fleishman
 Mrs. Andrew M. McComb
 2016 Blake St.
 Berkeley. Calif. 94704
 Carol Hundertmark
 Miss Eugenia A. McGinness
 945 Fifth Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Miss Moira J. McGrane
 896 Heather Lane
 Schenectady, N.Y. 12309
 Miss Leslie S. McGuire
 350 First Avenue
 New York, N.Y. 10010
 Miss Nancy P. McKee
 372 El Toyonal
 Orinda, Calif. 94563
 Mrs. Martin Messik
 2061 Ellery Avenue
 Ft. Lee, N.J. 07024
 Sandra DiSomma
 Mrs. Marshall W. Meyer
 3 Uptown Village
 Ithaca, N.Y. 14850
 Judith B. Pinsof
 Mrs. Clifford B. Miller
 702 Twinbrook Parkway
 Rockville Md. 20851
 Deborah D. Uchill
 Miss Margaret A. Miller
 146 Central Park West
 New York, N.Y. 10023
 Mrs. Richard Miller
 2530 Ocean Avenue
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 11229
 Jill B. Menes
 Mrs. Barney M. Milstein
 26 North Stanworth Drive
 Princeton, N.J. 08540
 Susan Applebaum
 Mrs. Joshua Milstein
 293 Nassau St.
 Princeton, N.J. 08540
 Linda Teicher
 Mrs. Arthur Miltz
 204 Ocean Parkway
 Brooklynv N.Y. 11210
 Joyce Doppelt
 Mrs. Joel S. Mindel
 4865 Far Hills Avenue
 Apt. B1
 Kettering, Ohio 45429
 Susan A. Weis
Miss Anne T. Mistretta
 616 West 116 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10027
 Mrs. Lee Fredric Mondshein
 1619 Massachusetts Avenue
 Cambridge, Mass. 02138
 Sheila Ann Helfenbein
 Mrs. Emanuel N. Monogenis
 72-61 113 Street
 Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375
 Vassiliki Kapri
 Miss Susan Morris
 570 Highland Avenue
 Boulder, Colo. 80302
 Mrs. Hugo H. Morriss
 Banstead Manor
 Cheveley, Newmarket
 Marie D. Scull
 Mrs. Bruce Morton
 911 Nevada Street
 Morris, Minn. 56267
 Susan J. Hammond
 Miss Cynthia C. Moyer
 4940 South East End
 Chicago, Ill. 
 Mrs. J. Ronald Munson
 9980 Tam O’Shanter Drive
 Overland, Mo. 63114
 N. Miriam Grove
 Miss Gale B. Murray
 25 Knolls Crescent
 Bronx, N.Y. 10463
 Miss Irene Nasaduke
 85-05 160 Street
 Jamaica, N.Y. 11432
 Miss Toby Janet Nathan
 408 First Avenue
 New York, N.Y. 10010
 Miss Jane Beta Necol
 Redondo Drive
 Poughkeepsie, N.Y.12603
 Miss Bonnie Sue Neustaiter
 710 Reads Lane
 Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691
 Mrs. Jeffrey Nichols
 209 West 104 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10025
 Arlene E. Katz
 Miss Judith M. Nicholson
 60 Bowstone Road
 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15235
 Miss Annette Bess Niemtzow
 38 Linnaean Street
 Cambridge, Mass. 02138
 Mrs. Charles P. Noyes, III
 439 East 51 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10022
 Cristy West
 Mrs. David Obelkevich
 878 West End Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Mary H. Rowen
 Mrs. Tati Okereke
 255 Fieldston Terrace
 Bronx, N. Y. 10471
 Chinwe Ikpeze
 Miss Gretchen Anne Older
 346 East 9 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10003
 Mrs. Ellis M. Oppenheim
 3 East 82 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10028
 Ellen Hillsb[...]
 Miss Valerie Orzeck
 98 Lincoln Road
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 11225
 Miss Ann N. Ovodow
 64 Bayberry Lane
 Westport, Conn. 06882
 Miss Charlotte P. Paikin
 174 Maple Avenue
 Monsey, N. Y. 10952
 Mrs. James F. Paisley, III
 233 Lounsbury Road Ext.
 Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y.
 Meredith Stetson
 Mrs. Hillel Panitch
 1384 34 Avenue
 San Francisco, Calif. 94122
 Adine Katzen
 Mrs. Victor Peltz
 95 High Park Avenue
 Apt. 1404
 Toronto 165, Ontario
 Miss Leslie Ann Perlman
 64-25 82 Place .
 Rego Park, N. Y. 11379
 Miss Karin Donna Perloff
 190-22 Radnor Road
 Jamaica Estates, N. Y.
 Mrs. Sidney C. Peterson
 R. D. 1
 East Fairfield, Vt. 05448
 Camill[...] Stege[...]
 Mrs. William F. Phillips
 Box 430, Cooper Station
 New York, N. Y. 10003
 Jane A. Berry
 Mrs. William J. Pinard
 CMR. Box 4217
 APO San Francisco 96323
 M. Lou[...] Kaplan
 Miss Sara J. Piovia
 406 S. Carlyn Springs Road
 Arlington, Va. 22204
 Miss Robin Ann Pittendrigh
 1835 Cowper Street
 Palo Alto, Calif. 94301
 Mrs. Henry J. Plona
 42 Columbus Avenue
 Manchester, Conn. 06040
 Verna R. Hendrick
 Mrs. Martin D. Polevoy
 510 East 85 Street, Apt. 5A
 New York, N.Y. 10028
 Nancy E. Tally
 Miss Lorraine A. Pollak
 1657 West 3 Street
 Brooklyn N.Y. 11223 
 Miss Estelle K. Popkin
 133-24 Sanford Avenue
 Flushing, N. Y. 11355
 Miss Prudence K. Poppink
 54 Covington Road
 Rochester, N.Y. 14617
 Miss Karin Prager
 250 West 77 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10024
 Mrs. Christopher G. Purslow
 162 West 56 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10019
 S. Louise Basch
 Miss Diane B. Raphael
 16 Proctor Drive
 West Hartford, Conn. 06117
 Miss Felice B. Rappaport
 217 East 89 Street
 ‘New York, N. Y. 10028
 Mrs. David L. Rawle
 49 East 86 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10028 
 Andrea Gray
 Miss Barbara Reed
 41 West 88 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10024
 Miss Frances F. Reed
 Box 221
 Armonk, N. Y. 10504
 Mrs. Urie Reichman
 20 Romanili Street
 Shekun Dan
 Tel Aviv, Israel
 Judith Senitzky
 Miss Linda S. Rein
 840 East 8 Street _
 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230
 Mrs. Lawrence E. Reinstein«
 606 Main Street
 Malden, Mass. 02148
 Phyllis E. Steinlight
 Mrs. Steven Riskin
 150 West End Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10023
 Miss Janet Roach
 Grassy Hill Road
 Old Lyme, Conn. 06371
 Mrs. Wm. Henry Roach Jr. 
 1719 Linden Avenue
 Nashville, Tenn. 37212
 Deborah M. Rosenberg
 Mrs. Kenneth M. Robbins
 3145 East Fountain Blvd. 
 Colorado Springs, Colo.
 Deena J. Wechsler
 Mrs. John A. Robertson
 44 Perryn Road
 London W.3, England
 Judith Ann Ostrow
 Mrs. Gary L. Robison
 84 Lake Road
 Webster, N. Y. 14580
 Marjorie A. Elbert
 Mrs. Gregory M. Rochlin
 179 Harvard Street
 Cambridge, Mass. 02139
 Helen M. Frey
 Mrs. Joseph Roher
 15 West 84 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10024
 Joan Ellen Hecker
 Miss Jemera Rone
 164 8 Avenue, Apt.2A
 New York, N. Y. 10011
 Miss Sidney C. Ross
 157 East 70 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Mrs. Mary D. Rozman
 c/o Dwosh
 P.O. Box 183
 White Sulphur Springs, N.Y.
 Mary M. Dwosh
 Miss Barbara B. Rubin
 77 East 12 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10003
 Miss Charlote M. Rudo
 205 Third avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10003
 Miss Diane A. Rudo
 205 Third Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10003
 Miss Carol F. Safran
 440 Neptune Avenue
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 11224
 Miss Alice N. Saland
 35-53 82 Street 
 Jackson Heights, N. Y.
Mrs. Alain Salomon
 226 West 13 Street, Apt. 8
 New York, N. Y. 10011
 Katia Hirschman
 Miss Susan Sandel
 405 Fountain St.
 New Haven, Conn. 06515
 Miss Ellin Sarot
 435 119th St.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10027
 Miss Constance B. Sayre
 44 East 92 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10022
 Mrs. Karl Schaeffer
 275 Sprucewood Drive
 Levittown, N.Y. 11756
 Judith E. Schatz
 Mrs. Michael Schein
 220 Robert Street
 Toronto 4, Ontario, Canada
 Laura Fagelson
 Mrs. Marc Scheinman
 Hoosier Courts
 Building 10, Apt. 7
 Bloomington, Ind. 47401 
 Pamela B. Johnson
 Mrs. Lewis Schiff
 2226 Wellesley Street
 Palo Alto, Calif. 94306
 Susan C. Eisner
 Miss Elena C. Schmidt
 153 7 Avenue
 Brooklyn, N. Y. 11215
 Mrs. Russell W. Schoch, Jr.
 560 Riverside Dr.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10027
 Betsy Page
 Mrs. Michael Schopf
 1110 Fidler Lane
 Silver Spring, Md. 20910
 Paula Scharf
 Mrs. Solomon Z. Schuck
 219 8 Street
 Lakewood, N. J. 08701
 Deana G. Preiser
 Miss DIana M. Scott
 300 West 106 Street, Apt.67
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Mrs. Lawrence F. Selter
 24 Hopkins Rd.
 Liverpool, N.Y. 13088
 Phyllis Roth
 Mrs. Michael E. Selzer
 Box 5095
 Puerta de Tierra Station
 San Juan, P.R. 00906
 Ruth Ann Locke
 Mrs. Albert M. Shapiro
 10015 Kinross Ave.
 Silver Spring, Md. 20901
 Ruth Ann Roddy
 Miss Jane S. Shaw
 3424 Sansom Street
 Philadelphia, Pa. 19104
 Mrs. James E. Siegel
 90 Riverside Drive
 New York, N.Y. 10023
 Stephan[...] Cook
 Mrs. Eric Sivinv
 6561 Saunders Street
 Forest Hills, N.Y. 11374
 Louise Sobin
 Miss Susan Ellen Sklar
 c/o Kibbutz Ein Zevan
 Golan Heights, Israel
 Miss Doris S. Skulsky
 1010 Massachusetts Avenue
 Cambridge, Mass. 02138
 Miss Laura Joy Sloate
 35 East 75 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10021
 Miss Deborah N. Solomon
 414 West 120 Street 1
 New York, N. Y. 10027
 Mrs. Robert F. Southard
 Gruneburg Weg 23A
 West Germany
 Edna M. Carter
 Mrs. Jerry B. Spearman
 2008 Austin Street
 Amarillo, Texas 79106
 Cecile Terrien[...]
 Mrs. Steven L. Spiegel
 1448 South Shenandoah
 Los Angeles, Calif. 90035
 Fredell Zaiman
 Mrs. Robert C. Spindel
 452 Humphrey Street
 New Haven, Conn. 06511
 Barbara Sullivan
 Miss Anna Spiro
 884 West End Ave.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10025
 Miss Helen L. Starbler
 2790 Broadway, Apt. 5B
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Mrs. Richard W. Stanton
 300 West 109 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10025
 Paula Mayhew
 Miss Quintard Steele
 16 Royce Road, Apt. 1
 Brighton, Mass. 02135
 Miss Jonnet Steinbaum
 400 Central Park West
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Mrs. Richard L. Stern
 13 Jeffrey Lane
 East Windsor, N. J.
 Marcia Weinst[...]
 Mrs. Walter Stingle
 116 Pinehurst Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10033
 Sandra Fromer
 Miss Estie R. Stoll
 440 East 57 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10022
 Mrs. John S. Storck
 c/o Touche Ross
 P.O. Box 946
 Radio City Station
 New York, N.Y. 10019
 Lauren E. Seidel
 Mrs. Albert K. Strauss
 843 South Miller Street
 Chicago, Ill. 60607
 Anne T. Sawyler
 Mrs. Floyd F. Strayer
 c/o Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Strayer
 922 North James
 Tacoma, Wash. 98406
 Janet Israel
 Mrs. Michael Strem
 9 A Essex Lane
 Peapody, Mass. 01960
 Ann Susan Friedman
 Miss Janet Sullivan
 25 Hillside Avenue, Apt.4F
 New York, N. Y. 10040
 Mrs. Jonathan Sunshine
 235 West 102 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Helen R. Stern
 Mrs. Walter L. Swift
 995 Carlisle Ave.
 York, Pa. 17404
 Kathleen Dixon
 Mrs. Gilbert R. Tabbot
 9 Lenape Street
 Rockaway. N. J. 07866
 Phyllis Shapiro
 Miss Judith M. Tabibian
 12 Old Mamaroneck Road
 Apt. 2H
 White Plains, N. Y. 10605
 Mrs. Kenneth M. Tarlow
 488 Prospect Road
 Springfield, Pa, 19064
 Leah Seltzer
 Mrs. Peter W. Tarlton
 63 Vincent Avenue
 Stamford, Conn. 06905
 Ann L. Hemingway
 Mrs. Lane Taylor, Jr.
 2212 Lombard Street
 Philadelphia. Pa., 19146
 Abby D. Paine
 Mrs. Michael S. Taylor
 41 West 83 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10024
 Leslie G. Kolisch
 Miss Shalva Telushkin
 74 Hammond Street
 Cambridge, Mass. 02138
 Miss Julia C. Tobey
 107 Crafts Road
 Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167
 Miss Susan B. Triedman
 667 Main Street
 Haverhill, Mass. 01830
 Miss Natalia Udovik
 50 Wilcox Avenue
 East Orange, N. J. 07018
 Miss Dace Udris
 1212 Dayton Street
 Trenton. N. J. 08610
 Mrs. Romano Vanderbess
 1411 East 53 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10022
 Patricia Baum
 Mrs. Nissan Varady
 4 Rehov San Martin
 Jerusalem, Israel
 Mrs. Peter Volker
 Elaine J. Kushner
 Mrs. Peter Volkert
 c/o Wm. Tucker
 11900 Gordon Road
 Silver Spring, Md. 20904
 Sarah H. St. John
 Mrs. Gerald Warshaver
 74 Plain Road
 Wayland, Mass. 01778
 Lillian Feigenblatt
 Miss Ruth R. Wax
 802 Venture
 Champaign, Ill. 61820
 Mrs. Robert V. Webber
 1964 Milan Avenue
 South Pasadena, Calif.
 Frances Wagner
 Mrs. William Weiland
 54 West 85 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10024
 Carol M. Japha
 Mrs. Sheldon Weinstein
 706 Castlemann Drive
 Westfield, N. J. 07090
 Sheila D. Insoft
 Mrs. Jeffrey Weisberg
 1245 Park Avenue, Apt. 16A
 New York, N. Y. 10028
 Cheryl Ann Montgomery
 Mrs. Alan Whitney
 235 West 4 Street
 New York, N.Y. 10014
 Frances Downey
 Miss Sharron L. Whitten
 506 East 82 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10028
 Miss Suzanne M. Wiedel
 1030 Fifth Avenue
 New York, N. Y. 10028
 Mrs. Robert H. Wilder
 17 E. 89th St.
 N.Y., N.Y. 10028
 Susan Peters
 Miss Lois D. Wilson
 43 West 86 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10024
Mrs. Alfred Wirtenberg
 212 New Canaan Avenue
 Norwalk, Conn. 06850
 Margaret A. Steinglass
 Miss Anne E. Wolf
 118 West Broadway
 Madison. Wisc. 53716
 Miss Freda Yancy Wolf
 837 Navarre
 Coral Gables, Fla. 33134
 Miss Barbara J. Wolfson
 380 Riverside Drive, Apt. 7N
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Mrs. Barry K. Woodward
 South Western University
 Georgetown, Texas 78626
 Jeanne Boren
 Mrs. Irwin P. Yatzkan
 49 West 96 Street
 New York, N, Y. 10025
 Elaine Shepp
 Miss Ellen Youngelson
 79 Barrow Street, Apt. 6B
 New York, N. Y. 10014
 Miss Janis L. Youngstrum
 355 Riverside Drive
 New York, N. Y. 10025
 Miss Susan Louise Zayac
 105 Riverside Drive
 New York, N.Y. 10024
 Miss Stephanie Zellermayer
 ENF 89, Ave. George V
 06 Nice (A1pes Maritimes)
 Miss Ellen D. Zimmerman
 22 West 85 Street
 New York, N. Y. 10024 
 We realize that there have been changes of name and address
 since we received this list from the Alumnae Office and therefore
 apologize for all omissions and inaccuracies.