Memo from Nora Percival to Catharine Stimpson, regarding the task force report, May 6, 1971, page 2

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          or perhaps young women in general, as well as provide a rewarding
service opportunity to the corps itself -- and incidentally build
alumnae involvement with Barnard, which is one of our primary

Far from being confined to the mechanics of career training
or advancement, the advice this corps could offer might range
from the psychological and sociological and family problems of
reorienting one's life to the best approach to new career
objective --— and everything in between. when personal contacts
develop between receptive people of like interests, anything
can flower.

If you feel this idea has some merit, I would like to
explore it further with you before any move is made for a formal
proposal to the task force. In any case, I would be glad to
have your reaction to the idea.