Women's Work and Women's Studies 1971 Questionnaire, Jennie Farley, 1972, page 2

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          Industrial and
Helped teach course, "Women at Work," in the School of Labor
Relations, 50 juniors and seniors, of whom half were men.

Prepared materials based on a similar course I taught last
term ("Sociology of the Female Labor Force") for a
miniucourse for Cooperative Extension Agents. They, in
turn, are offering no less than 14 programs or courses in
the counties in New York State based on that material.

Participated in a study group on "Women at Work? One of the
things that came out of that was the decision to hire a woman
in the Career Center who would seek to develop programs
appropriate to the needs of women who are dissatisfied with
current counseling.

The College of Arts and Sciences has recently voted to acce t

the Women's Studies Program here (formerly Female Studies?

as a "quasiodepartment". Persons participating in the

preparation of the proposal that was finally accepted are:
Judith Long Laws, Assistant Professor of Sociology & Psychdogy
Mary Beth Norton, Assistant Professor,History

‘Sarah Diamant, Ph.D. candidate in History
Patricia Latham, Ph.D. candidate in English
Barbara Rosecrance, Lecturer, English
Rozalind Kenworthy, Liaison Officer, Ganeet Medical Clinic
& Planned Parenthood
Alice H. Cook, Professor of Industrial & Labor Relations
*~Karen A. Feeny, Assistant Professor, Neurobiology & Behavior
and me.

If you write to each of these persons, I expect you'll find that

each of them has a long list of projects of the soft you'd very
much like to list in your bibliography.

I'll be looking forward to
seei g a copy of th bibliography,

W 43, W 7.2