Women's Work and Women's Studies 1971 Questionnaire, Deirdre English and Barbara Ehrenreich, 1972, page 2

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          anyone, doing related research-- for example,

a. anthropological research—-the origins of the male drive to control female sexuality and reproductivity. Womb envy. [handwritten] and the relationship of this to the origins of property and of the family.
b. the Catholic Church and women-- religious anti-sexuality. . 
c. a feminist interpretation of the suppression of witches-- especially, witches as healers. 
d. the history of midwifery-- the suppression of midwifery.
e. What was hysteria? What was the social meaning of hysteria?
f. Freud-- his impact -on the 'control' of hysteria.
g. the sexual revolution. male control of female sexuality in the 20th century.
h. the health system today. male control of reproductivity. women as health [workers] and health consumers. 
i. the mental health system today. male control of female sexuality and "mental health". What would be a feminist psychology?

In a more general sense, we are interested in research into the origins
and nature of institutional sexism-- not only in the health system but
in other settings as well. What is professionalism? What is a Feminist
response to professionalism? What has been the relationship, in the past,
between the women's movement of the 19th cent. and emerging professionalism?
What has been the history of the relationship between the women's movement
of the past and other insurgent movements, particularly working-class ones?
What can it be today? What would a working-class Feminism be?

Please keep us informed. Your function as a clearinghouse and meeting-place
for feminist scholarship can be very important.

We found the names of the study groups hard to figure. Where would we fit
in, for example? At the time being, we need to work alone anyway. However,
it would be helpful to know what work the study groups are actually
involved in.

See you at the Fall conference.

Deirdre English