Women's Work and Women's Studies 1971 Questionnaire, Carol Ahlum, 1972

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Mflstate University of New York /College at Old Westbury

Box 210, Old Westbury Long Island, New York 11568 telephone (516) 333-7800

2 June 1972 Kirsten Drake The Women's Center Barnard College NYC 10027

Dear Kirsten,

We listed The Women's Center project of an; annotated bibiliography or research and projects in FACT SHEET #2.

Also enclosed find your form about this project, which I've filled out.

In sisterhood,

CArol Ahlum Clearinghouse on Women's Studies

The Barnard women's Center recently. sent out a questionnaire to people in-

” volved in women's studies requesting their opinions on a proposed interdisciplinary bibliography of the year‘s work in women's studies. As the responses soundly supported our project, we would now like to proceed with collecting information both from organizations and from individuals. Our purpose is to incorporate the year's academic studies on women, either completed or in progress, along with information on innovative action projects such as women's health collectives, community day care, legal aid, women's publications, feminist theater, film projects, and so forth. In this way we hope to spark a livlier interchange between theory and practice.

What we need from you in the space provided below is a description of the research or project in which you are involved. Or if you know of an individual or group whose work should be included, please either let us know about it or else pass this request for information on to them. Finally from those associated with women's publications, we would welcome any publicity for our project that your publication can provide.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Name CAROL AHLUM and others



Organization or Institution Education Task Force on Sex Bias The Valley Women's Center, Northampton, In the space below pbease try to sumarize the purpose, goals, methods, and anyMass. other vital information about your research or project. Attach additional sheets if necessary and return to: The women's Center Barnard College 606 West 120th Street New York, N.Y.10027

This group works with teachers, parents, and others concerned about eradicating sex bias from schools and other educational institutions. Our work consists

of compiling and writing much needed materials for students about sex roles

and women, particularly their history and literature; organizing and leading workshops and conferences fof educators, parents, and feministsabout sexism

in schools; and consulting with school systems about puxxihiz strategies for changing Kkxxxxxixmxxnxxxkuxixx the sex bias in schools; and teaching

in educational institutions about women and sex roles.

Another project, which should be listed separately: CAROL AHLUM, fiflx 936 Homestead Ave., Holyoke, Mass. 01040 and Clearinghouse on Women's Studies, SUNY/ College at Old Westbury, Old Westbury, NY 11568.

I am collecting and compiling materials from high school courses that are being taught about women. I hope to publish the iirst set of materials by December. Anyone teaching in high schools about women should contact me.

“till another project, to be listed separately:

Florence Howe and Carol Ahlum, Clearinghouse on Women's Studies SUNY/ College at Old Westbury, Old Westbury, NY 11568.

We are continuing to collect and compile women's studies materials. The series of Female Studies materials can be ordered from KNOW Press, Box 80620, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15221.

Anyone not listed in our materials should contact us.