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          27 December 1971

Zane Shapiro
275 Central Park west
New Yark City 13034

Dear Ha. Shsyiroz

Thank you very much for sendism us a copy of your letter to the Barnard
Bulletin and for your comments about the direction you see Barnard moving
in in relation to women's aducaticm and bet; position in human relationships.
Berna:-d‘s purpose is not to davalue the tale of motiwrhood in a waaaws
life, but rather to bmaciaa the peztspectwes and opportunities for awry
woman so that each may choose for herself that role 01' confiaination of

roles’ which aha fuel but united to. I agree with you, wholeheartedly,
thatan equal effort: should he made towgré otlucating men to broaden their
pernpectives in the opposite di.racI:1on,~taIrards fuller roles as fathers.

I am enclosing a copy of tm brochure describing the women‘: Center and
its purposes mil plaza. If yet: have any further comments remake on em:
pragrau, plasma feel free to write to me.


M Mary wexford Scotti
Adnmistrative Coordinator