Letter from Jane Gould to Catharine Stimpson, December 6, 1971

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~narnard ad publicizd the fact that I third your woman student was coming to

lAl1¢c Riehmond name to my office and spent almost two hours. She decribed in

l and I am wondering tf there is anyth1ng.thc Woman‘: center can do to help bringd

' Catharine Stimpaon Jane S. Gould

Harvard Law School I 12~6~71

A: a result of a call from the Batvard Law School Wt aefi up a wanting at

talk. After the wanting wan arranged, Mary gave me the attached letter from Alida Richmond writtan ta you at thn Woman's center. we made many Ian: miutd phonn call: in an cffort ta havc a larga turnout of Barnard women. Lynn attended and said that thc attandance wan dividd prgtty evenly bctwuen Barnard women and Columbia an. The Columbia man gavc thc spaaker a hard time. ‘

on Friday aitarnoon, after she finished her rcérultlng pesalonu at Columbia,

dntdil the atmasphcrc for wuman at Harvard La School and the procedures and thed pollelcn via a viz raeruiulng woman. sh: nude 8 umb¢t of important observation:

V about change.

- do for man. In other words_1f thay have about 4000 application: from an and

Alice is douvincod that the maid reason that Harvard is still accupcing much 3 small proportion cf wvmnn (around 10%) is than they say thny accept the

sen: proportion of women ftm the total name: of applicants of woman that thuy

acccpt 10%, this means 400, whareaa if thy hav: 600 applications from women and actapt 10%, obviounly thil add: up to only 60. Alice believe: that tha women ‘ whc apply to Harvard at: for the most part better qualified than the men an" until such a time at all applicants are congidered togethur reg rdlunu of sum. she would likn to see many more women applying to Iwell the cat 1 number of applications. even thuugh thoy may not hava hlgnnugh qualifications to be

Tberd to still not a woman with A permanent teaching appointmant on the faaulty, woman at: trusted with dincrimination on questions of 1oave_of absence, financial aid, «van in Ioanu: and the woman find the atmosphere atuffy, atiflying. and umccading difficult. I am not eloar what our :01! should be but it in clear that people like Alice Richmond will turn to us for help if we can pravide it.