Letter from Sheila Levrant de Bretteville to Catharine Stimpson, August 6, 1971

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290i Waverly Vriwe Los Angeles California 90039 6 August l97l

Ms. Kate Stimpson '

I am most anxious to know as much as possible about the Women's Centet at Barnard.

This fall I wiil be teaching a course

for Women in Design at the California

Institute of the Arts, where I have

been the only women on the faculty fun

of the School of the Design for the past

two years. It will be a difficult class , to lead as the design.implications of. i the revolutton in sexual politics ~ are not yet clear u even though I led

a seminar on that subject at the

International Design Conference in Aspen

this June. To enrich the program at

‘cal Arts‘ and myself, I have been in

contact with several wqmen on the west

coast who are doing women's studies*

and would like to have as much information

as possible about the/results of such

investigations at Barnard. Is there

some way that you are making this original

research accessible? I would be most

interested in the program and reading lists

of these programs as well as the papers or

other material done by the students in

courses in women's studies — any information

about these studies would be most appreciated.

I had hoped to be in New York this fall but such a trip has now to be postponed indefinately.

I ook forward to your response,


la Le rant de Bretteville'62

* on a visit to Vassar's Linda Nochlin, teaching

a summer couse at Stanford on women in Art, I

met Isabel Marcus welsh '60 Barnard who has done

a fine investigation of Woman inPolitics at Berkeley where she is a doctoral candidate, as well as leading the lawsuit against discrimination against women in the University.