Memo from Annette Baxter to Catharine Stimpson, regarding "Women's Press" and the Summer Institute, July 29, 1971, page 1

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          Barnard College

To Kate Stimpson
From Annette Baxter
Subject Women and Press; Summer Institute
Date 7/29/1971

Women's Press:-- sounds interesting, but I would want Bob Palmer's staff to do some research on its scarcity, etc., before we offer a specific price. Why don't you give the Barnard alumna a tentative "yes", telling her that you are awaiting confirmation from the librarian.

Summer Institute:-- co-sponsorship through the Center would certainly avoid a hassle with the Con Instn. It would also, in a sense, make Columbia dependent on the CENTER, not just the college, for whatever activities of this sort it should undertake in the future. I see this as healthy, since it places the Center in a position of greater visibility all round-- not to speak of influence.