Scholar and Feminist conference VIII program, 1981

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/1 conference sponsored by The Barnard College Women's Center

Saturday, April 11,1981 9 am to 6 pm



Check-in—9:00—9:45 am—Barnard Hall

Morning Session—9:45-12 noon—Gymnasium

Welcoming Remarks Ellen V. Putter, Acting President, Barnard College

Anti-Feminism, the ”New Right” and Reagan Zillah Eisenstein, Ithaca College

From Slavery to Welfare: The Control of Black Women Cheryl Townsend Gillces, Boston University

Repression and Resistance: .A Historical Perspective Blanche Wiesen Cook, John Jay College of Criminal Iustice, CUNY

Moderator, Hanna Lessinger, Barnard College

Lunch—12 noon—1pm—McIntosh Student Center

Afternoon Worl

10. 11.



Afternoon Workshops

. Laid Bare by the System: Work and Survival for Black and Hispanic

Women Elizabeth Higginbotham, Columbia University

. Defending and Combating Sexual Harassment: Problems in

Regaining Control Nadine Taub, Women's Rights Litigation Clinic, Rutgers Law School-Newark

Women, Media and the Dialectics of Resistance Lillian Robinson, Center for Research on Women, Stanford University

The Social Enforcement of Heterosexuality and Lesbian Resistance in the 1920's

Lisa Duggan, Lesbian and Gay History Project of New York; University of Pennsylvania .

. Women Health Care Workers: Organizing and Resisting

Karen Sacks, Business and Professional Women's Foundation; Dulce University

. The Controversy Over Sterilization Among Puerto Rican Women

in New York City Iris Lopez, Columbia University

. Crisis, Reaction and Resistance: Women in Germany in the 1920's

and 1930's

Renate Bridenthal, Brooklyn College, CUNY

/ltina Crossmann, Rutgers University

Marion Kaplan, lnstitute for Research in History, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Same-Sex Networks, Compulsory I-leterosexuality, and the Family Rayna Rapp, The New School for Social Research Ellen Ross, Ramapo College

To Tell Us Who We are: Storytelling as Perpetuation and Creation Ieannine Laverty, storyteller

Lesbian Rights and the Struggle for Reproductive Freedom Sara Bennett, activist and writer loan Gibbs, Black activist and writer

Textbooks, Socialization and Control Beryle Banfield, ]amila Gaston, Ruth 5. Meyers— Council on lnterracial Books for Children

Images of Women in Latin America's Literature of Protest Lourdes Rojas»Paiewonsky, Hamilton College

”Mean Mothers”: Independent Women's Blues Rosetta Reitz, writer and music producer


This conference is made possible by a grant from the Helena Rubinstein Foundation


Bettina Berch Janet Corpus Julie Doron

Joan Dulchin Wendy Fairey Atina Grossmann

14. Myths of the ”Model Minority": The Rebellion of Asian-American Women, 1965-1980 Ginger Chih, photographer and picture researcher; Asian Women United Diane Mei Lin Mark, writer

15. Pro-Family Politics, Sexism and Sexual Repression Ellen Willis, The Village Voice

16. Women on Welfare: Public Policy and Institutional Racism Bettylou Valentine, anthropologist and writer

17. Religion as an Instrument of Social Control Judith Plaslcow, Francine Quaglio———Manhattan College

18. Who Controls Women's Health? Diana Scully, Virginia Commonwealth University

Academic Coordinator Hanna Lessinger

Planning Committee

Diane Harriford Mary Sheerin Elizabeth Higginbotham Barbara Sicherman Jacqueline Leavitt Maxine Silverman Sherry Manasse Quandra Stadler Cynthia Novack Laura Whitman Susan R. Sacks

Conference Coordinators Women's Center Jane 5. Could

Christina Greene Janie Kritzman

THE WOMEN'S CENTER Barnard College New York, NY 10027