Scholar and Feminist IX registration form, 1982

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A Conference Sponsored by the Barnard College Women's Center


Funded by the Helena Rubinstein Foundation

Saturday, April 24, 1982

Recognizing that sexuality has been a topic of debate within the feminist community, the conference will address women's sexual autonomy, choice and pleasure, acknowledging that sexuality is simultaneously a domain of re- striction, repression and danger as well as exploration, pleasure and agency. Giving consideration to the politi- cal, social, historical and psychological dimensions, we will look at 19th and 20th century feminist attitudes, women's right to sexual pleasure apart from reproduction and the implications of New Right attacks on feminism.


Check-in at Barnard Hall—9-9:45 am

Morning Session—9:45 am—12 noon

Welcoming Remarks Ellen V. Futter, President, Barnard College

How Feminists Thought About Sex: Our Complex Legacy Ellen Carol DuBois, SUNY—Buffalo

Linda Gordon, University of Massachusetts—Boston

Interstices: A Small Drama of Words

Hortense Spillers, Haverford College

The Taming of the Id: Feminist Sexual Politics 1965-1981

Alice Echols, University of Michigan

Moderator, Carole S. Vance, Columbia University

Lunch—12 noon-1 pm

Afternoon Workshops—1:15—3 pm

. Power, Sexuality and the Organization of Vision

Mary Ann Doane, Brown University Barbara Kruger, artist

. Lacan: Language and Desire

Maire Kurrik, Barnard College

. Political Organizing Around Sexual Issues

Cheryl Adams, Lesbian Feminist Liberation Noreen Connell, NYC Planned Parenthood Brett Harvey, No More Nice Girls

. Pornography and the Construction of a Female

Subject Bette Gordon, Hofstra University Kaja Silverman, Simon Fraser University

. Teen Romance: The Sexual Politics of Age

Relations Camille Bristow, The Center for Public Advocacy Research Sharon Thompson, The Center for Open Education

. Everything They Always Wanted to Know:

Popular Sex Literature Meryl Altman, Columbia University

. Beyond the Gaylstraight Split: Do Sexual

"Roles” (Butch/Femme) Transcend Sexual Preference?

Esther Newton, SUNY-Purchase

Shirley Walton, Djuna Books

. Sexuality and Creativity—A Theatre Workshop

Shirley Kaplan, Barnard College

. Aggression, Selfhood and Female Sexuality:

Rethinking Psychoanalysis Dale Bernstein, psychotherapist Elsa First, psychotherapist

18. Sex and Money









Class, Cultural and Historical Influences on Sexual Identity in the Psychotherapeutic Relationship

Oliva Espin, Boston University

Pat Robinson, clinical social worker

Beyond Politics: Understanding the Sexuality of Infancy and Childhood

Mary S. Calderone, M.D., Sex Information and Education Council of the US. (SlECUS}

Kate Millett, writer

The Defense of Sexual Restriction by Anti- Abortion Activists

Faye Ginsburg, Graduate Center—CUNY

Susan Hill, National Women's Health Organization

Politically Correct, Politically Incorrect Sexuality Dorothy Allison, Conditions

Muriel Dimen, Lehman College-CUNY

Mirtha N. Quintanales, Ohio State University

Ivan Nestle, Lesbian Herstory Archives

The Myth of the Perfect Body: Age, Weight, and Disability

Roberta Galler, Postgraduate Center for Mental Health Carol Munter, Council on Eating Problems

The Forbidden: Eroticism and Taboo Paula Webster, Institute for the Study of Sex in Society and History

Sexual Purity: Maintaining Class and Race Boundaries Diane Harriford, SUNY—Stony Brook

Concepts for a Radical Politics of Sex Gayle Rubin, University of Michigan

Arlene Carmen, ]udson Memorial Church

Closing Session—3:30—4:3O pm

Desire for the Future: Radical Hope in Passion and Pleasure Amber Hollibaugh, Socialist Review

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Reception 4:30-6 pm

The conference will be limited to 600 participants and registration will be accepted in order of receipt. To reserve your place return the attached form with your fee no later than April 12, 1982. Each participant will attend one afternoon workshop. Please list four choices; we will do our best to honor your preference. You will receive your workshop assignment when you check in on the morning of the conference. For further information, write or call the Women's Center, Barnard College, 117th Street and Broadway, New York, NY 10027 (212) 280-2067. No refunds for cancellations will be issued after April 12.


NAME Enclosed is my registration fee of El $20.00 (regular) or Cl $10.00

ADDRESS (student or limited income) which in- ZIP cludes lunch and booklet, ”The Diary of a Conference." TELEPHONE AFFILIATION FIELD Please make check payable to the


Barnard Women's Center. Detach this form and return no later than

workshop Choices April 12, 1.982 to:

(list by number)

Women's Center

Conferenre Nerds Barnard College If you need child care (children aged 21/2 years and up), mobility New york, NY 10027

assistance, or a sign language interpreter, please let us know by April 12.

Barnard College is wheelchair accessible.