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A conference sponsored by The Barnard College Women’s Center

Saturday, April 12, 1975

Our second academic conference will present new models and modes of feminist research in response to these

two central questions:

How are the criteria of relevance in traditional scholarship challenged and redefined by a feminist perspective?
How does feminism affect the choice and the interpretation of texts and data?


Check—in at Barnard Hall — 9:30 — l0:00 A.M.

Papers and Discussion — 10:00 — 12:00 A.M.

Welcoming remarks
Mart/ia Peterson, President, Barnard College

History and the Social Relation of the Sexes
Joan Kelly—Gadol, The City College of New York, CUNY

One Biologist’s Perspective on Sex Differences
Helen H. Lambert, Northeastern University

Moderator, Annette K. Baxter, Barnard College
Commentator, Catharine R. Stimpson. Barnard College

Lunch — 12:30 - 2:0() P.M.

Seminars — 2:00 — 4:30 P.M.

l. A neglected theme in Euripides’ Medea: interpret-
ing classical literature
Helen Bacon, Barnard College

2. Sexual mythologies in the avant—garde: Joyce and
Jane 0. Grace, Lehman, CUNY
Susan Suleiman, Columbia University

3. Critical approaches to art and literature: beyond
Carol Duncan, Raniapo State College

4. Women’s Studies, phase II: the new issues
Donzna C. Stanton, Barnard College

5. Surviving graduate school
Jo Freeman, SUNY, Purchase

6. Research and activism: bridging the gap
Mary Jean Tully, NOW




Women and the French revolution
Gita May, Colimzbia University

Women or their absence in the American novel
before World War I
Myra Je/zlen, SUNY, Purchase

The spiritual quest in women’s writing: at the
juncture of literature and religion
Carol Christ, Columbia Universitx‘

Feminism and psychological autonomy: a partici-
pative workshop

Hester Eisenstein, Barnard College

Susan R. Sacks, Barnard College

Personality theory and women
Maxine D. Bernstein, SUNY, Empire State

Anthropology of women and sexism
S/terry B. Ortner, Sarah Lawrence College

Cocktails — 4230- 6:00 P.M.

The conference will be limited to 250 participants and registration will be accepted in order of receipt.
To reserve your place, please return the attached form with your fee no later than March 14, 1975. Each participant
will attend one afternoon seminar. Please list four choices; we will do our best to honor your preference. You will
receive your seminar assignment when you check in on the morning of the conference. For further information write
or call the Women’s Center, Barnard College, 117th and Broadway, New York. N. Y. 10027, 212-280-2067.



Enclosed is my registration fee of


AFFILIATION_,,_,,% 2 _,j,,, FIELD

Seminar choices

. .,. .___ ZIP

{-510 (regular) j$5 (student)
which includes lunch.

Please make check payable to the
Barnard Women’s Center. Detach this
form and return no later than March 14,
1975 to:

Nancy K. Miller

list by number

Day care formchildren, ages_,. 

Academic Coordinator
Women’s Center
Barnard College

New York. N. Y. 10027