Sarah Lawrence letter, 1973

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National Office: 1 Union Square West, New York, N.Y. 10003 / (212) 741-1751

Jane Gould Woman's Center

Barnard College

Dear Jane:

Ignore the WSP stationary....This is the Sarah Lawrence me. The panelists for the Sarah Lawrence workshop are Florence Rush Marjorie Collins and Elizabeth Minnik...(I"m not sure about the spelling of her name....I will get all the biographical material to you in a day or so.

Florence rush will speak about the oppression , or the status

of the older woman...Marjorie Collins will speak on the economic question and Elizabeth Minnik, recommended by Gerda Lerne is the director of the center for continuing education and will speak on the pnxpxui question of re-entry...the possibilites and the problems....

Florence Rush is an eloquent speaker...I"m not that sure about Marjorie Collins , although she seems to be well versed on the economic problems of the older woman,and Elizabeth Minnik ad

I have t to meet so I don't know what she's like ex, that she is, quote " passionately interested in the subjec .“

Now I am working on getting some interesting people to be in the audience as participants.....

See you on the 22nd of January. Love 5