Letter to Jan Goodman, 1973

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January 18, 1973

Mo. Jan Goodman 62 Jane Street #16M New York, New York

Dear Jan:

Sue Ross has told a that you ay be interested in our feminist conference "woman Learn from Women" (flyer enclosed). The workshop "How far will legal solutions take us" would especially profit frm your participation. There will be a lot of woman lsw students there and it would be great to have some feminist ween lawyers in the audience.

In any case, I hope to user you when sun comes up in March and you get started in your new firm. Best of luck.


Haney Felipe Russo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology

NFR:gm cc: Dabble Rappaport, sue Ross, same letter sent to: wane Gould, Mary Scott] MS- Mary K6113’

382 Central Park West #40 New York, New York 10025

Ms. Diane Blank 196 East 75th Street #12F New York, New York 10021

Hon. Carol Bellamy 278 Henry Street Brooklyn, New York 11201