Letter to regional conference participants, 1973

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To: Regional Conference Participants From: Jane S. Gould Subject: Report of Meeting and Final Arrangements for Conference

The following were present at the meeting on 22 January 1973: Carol Groneman, Columbia Women's Liberation; Debbie Rapaport, NYU; Anne Driver, Old Westbury; Wendy Martin, Queens College; Amy Swerdlow, Sarah Lawrence; Hester Eisenstein, Jane Gould, Debbie Reich, Lynn Stephens, Catharine Stimpson, Mary Wexford, Barnard.

Registrations for the Conference have been coming in at the rate of about 20 per day and although most of the groups have not distributed flyers to their students, total registrations are close to 300. Although 50 places will be reserved for each college until February lst, we encour- aged each group to make sure their constituents send in their registration forms as quickly as possible since some of the workshops are beginning to be filled. A few groups indicated their willingness to have more than 50 in their workshops, but the Barnard facilities will not permit a well-run conference of much more than 600. So far there are 23 children registered for day care.

Further details on the Conference: Parking facilities are difficult and limited; people were urged not to bring cars. Busses may park on the street cleaning side of the street as long as drivers remain in them until 11:00 a.m. when the spaces become legal. Luncheon tickets will be sold at check-in in the morning; a list of neighborhood restaurants will be provided for those who wish to eat out. Coffee will be served during registration and will also be provided at lunch time for those who bring their lunch. The Women's Center (100 Barnard Hall) will be open for the Press and for Workshop Panelists.

Marlene Sanders, ABC-TV feminist documentary producer will film two of the workshops (Women in Search of Autonomy and Women over 30) and provide both groups with complete tapes of their workshops. Amy Swerdlow volunteered to talk to women in the media class at Sarah Lawrence to see if she could arrange for photographs and recording of the conference. Other women will be sought to take pictures. Each group will be responsible for recording or taking notes of its own workshops. It is hoped that we will be able to have some sort of permanent summary of the Conference with pictures.

The Conference is proving to be more expensive to run than anticipated. All those who have made a financial comitment are urged to expedite their payments in the interest of helping Barnard to defray expenses. Checks should be made payable to Barnard Women's Center.

Catharine Stimpson agreed to lead the wrap-up session after the after- noon workshops to be held in the Barnard gym. After considerable discussion it was decided that each workshop would select one person, either leader, panelist, or participant, to take part in the final panel. Hence one person from each workshop will present a very brief commentary on her workshop -- not more than about three minutes, and representing some sort of synthesis of both morning and afternoon sessions. It is not expected that panelists will attempt to summarize in the usual sense but rather to touch on some significant issue raised. Kate will chair the discussion and add a provocative conclusion.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 10th. If you have any questions, call us at 280-2067.