Press release for 1993 The Scholar and The Feminist conference, 1993

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Barnard College - Columbia University - 5009 Broadway ° New York, NY l0027-6598

The Barnard Center for Research on Women

(212) 854-2067

The Scholar and the Feminist Conference, April 24, 1993

Women as Chan e Makers: Building and Using olitical Power

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Barnard Center for Research on Women, one of the oldest and most prominent resource centers for women in the nation.

As part of its ongoing commitment to advance knowledge about women, the Barnard Center for Research on Women has since 1974 held a series of conferences known as "The Scholar and the Feminist." Past conferences have brought together scholars and expert practitioners to analyze diverse facets of the cultural, social and political lives of women.

Our anniversary coincides with a moment in American life when questions surrounding women and their potential have particular urgency. We feel that this year's focus, on Women as change Makers: Building and Using Political Power, is a timely and vital one.

Because the twentieth anniversary is such an important milestone for the College and the Center, we are going all- out to make this year's conference an intellectual and political event of national importance. Prominent women who are actively involved in political and social issues at national, state and local levels are being invited to participate, as are journalists and scholars.

The conference will analyze women's relationship to the state, examining how women gain power locally and nationally, and how they can best make gains in the future. We will explore how women do ---and how they should--- exercise such power.

There will be substantial publicity for the conference throughout the New York metropolitan region, and also beyond, and we anticipate an audience of approximately six hundred.

What follows is a list of those who have already agreed to attend.