Press release for 1979 The Scholar and The Feminist conference, page 4

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Barnard College ° Columbia University - 3009 Broadway - New York. NY 10027-6598

The Barnard Center
for Research on Women

(212) 854-2067

Prof. Eleanor Brilliant, Social Work, Rutgers University

10) Strategies for Fighting Violence agains women

Helen Neuborne, Executive Director, NOW Legal Defense and
Education Fund

Kris Miccio, Director, Sanctuary for Families

Sujata Warrier, Coalition for Battered Women's Advocates

11) Women Lawmakers
Prof. Ruth Mandel, Director, Center for the American Woman
and Politics, Rutgers University
Congresswoman Marge Roukema

A number of elected officials have been invited; we
won't know their plans until after November.

12) Women and Elections: what to Do After '92
Prof. Sue Caroll, CAWP, Rutgers

/’”“ ,
_13) Media coverage of women

Prof. Michael Delli Carpini, Barnard College

Laura Flanders, Pacifica radio

Bonnie Angelo, Time magazine

14) The Power of women in the Media
Alexis Gelber, Newsweek Magazine

15) women and Housing

Maria Foscarinis, National Law Center on Homelessness and

16) The Politics of State Funding of women in the Arts

17) The Politics of Direct Action