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Barnard College ' Columbia University - 5009 Broadway ' New York. NY 10027-6598

The Barnard Center
for Research on Women

(212) 854-2067

their calendars. What follows then, is an incomplete list of
those who will attend. Also listed are the workshops or
panels that will be presented.

_Women as Change Makers:
Building and Using olitical Power


Anna Quindlen of The New York Times will give the closing
address of the day.

Ann Richards has been invited to give the opening speech.

Carole Mosely Braun has been invited to give an address
during the luncheon.


whither Feminism

Marie Wilson, Exceutive Director, Ms. Foundation

Also invited: Eleanor Smeal, Rebecca Walker, U£va§hi—¥aid,
Jewel Jackson Mccabe "E'“

Fighting the organized Opposition to Feminism
Faye Wattleton., Former President, Planned Parenthood
Federation of America

Prof. Catharine R. Stimpson, Rutgers University

Tanya Melich, Republican feminist consultant and analyst
Also invited: Patricia Ireland, Barbara Boxer

Power for women in Cities

Prof. Ester Fuchs, Barnard College

Digna Sanchez, Assistant Commissioner, NYC Community

Development Agency

A number of elected officials have been invited, but will
not respond until after November.