Witchcraft Paper Outline, 1974, page 2

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          Miriam Schneir - 2

IV. The Crimes of the Witches

A. Sharp—tongued, argumentative and litigous women charged with
being witches. Examples: Goodwife Wright; Grace Sherwood; Sarah Good;
Elizabeth Garlick; etc.

B. Women who were (or seemed to be) sexually seductive rumored
to be witches. Sexual fantasies in testimony against accused witches.
and in witchcraft confessions.

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C. Women who were not appropriately ?$$§3$6]to their husbands
or who openly defied their husbands‘ wishes were eccused of being
witches. Example of Ann Hibbens and others. .

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D. Midwives and other female healers heavily represented sgstrmrv

among accused witches.


E. Women who dared to rebel politically or in the churches4fre—
quentl? found themselves labelled as witches. Example of Mary Oliver
and otxers. Conclusions.