Notes from Februrary 6, 1974 meeting, 1974, page 2

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          This was just a sample of the topics we tossed out. All would fit within
the umbrella of Scholarship and Feminism.

..Furthermore, it was suggested that each of the faculty members from Barnard
will choose one other person to co—moderate her workshop. The person could
be chosen from the list of people from the greater Columbia community or
from colleagues at Barnard or from colleagues somewhere else. Some would
choose partners from the same discipline; otheuswould select from another

...0n the day of the conference, during the check-in from 9:30-10:00, each
outside participant would select the appropriate card for the workshop
of her choice. Workshops and topics will be listed on a master sheet
and twenty cards for each workshop will be available for selection,
guaranteeing some size control.

If you have any questions, please call me at 280-5408 (336a Milbank) or 625-
2931 (home). If you have an idea for a topic and a partner to share your
enthusiasm, return the coupon to me. I am enclosing two of our flyers for
you and your partner. We will meet again in March.

May ll, 1974

Afternoon Workshop Moderator



Return to Susan R. Sacks, Women's Center, Barnard Hall, by March 1, 1974.