The Economics of Sex Differentials, 1974, page 8

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          _, job is necessarily greater. "Statistical discrimination" occurs when an


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Neither labor force turnover, the changing age distribution of the
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female labor force, nor changes in specific institutions such as unemployment
insurance can explain the widening differential between the unemployment rates
of men and women, but the trends observed do appear to be consistent the
”over—crowding hypothesis” described above. As female laborkparticipation
rises, the occupational segregation of women both depresses their relative

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wages and raises their unemployment rate.~ -' _ I ‘lV~’

A related aspect of the discrimination process which is of particular


concern today is employers‘ expressed reluctance to hire and train women or to ‘d”F“1
pay them equally because of the supposed greater risk of their quitting, »;;j(fY?

Although it is true that aggregate turnover for women is greater than for men “:_i :7.

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‘this does not imply that the likelihood of a woman's quitting a specific K

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employer hires or promotes workers on the basis of inaccurate generalizations A %%L.‘
about the comparative job stability of male and female workers, Actually,
women workers have favorable records of attendance and labor turnover when
compared with men employed at similar job levels and under similar circumstancee;gfLl:"

Such factors as the skill level of the job, the age of the worker, and the

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worker's length of service with the employer are all much more useful in

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understanding differences in job stability than the fact that the worker is'a

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man or woman.6 '

U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Labor Standards Administration, ,
Facts about Women's Absenteeism and Labor Turnover, August 1969, p. 1.

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