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Since its founding in 1889, Barnard College has distinguished itself
as a women's college within the challenging atmosphere of a large, urban,
ma1e—oriented university. To affirm its traditional commitment to educate
women in the changing context of its closer relationship with Columbia,
Barnard in 1971 established a Women's Center. The realization of a purpose
long shared by many in the Barnard community, the Center's underlying aim is
to assure that women can live and work in dignity, autonomy, and equality.
Acknowledging that the broad needs and aspirations of women are often unrecog-
nized or inadequately defined by the society at large, the Barnard Women's
Center is dedicated to addressing those needs through the various groups it
serves: students, faculty, administrators, alumnae, and women in the larger
community. It endeavors to foster a heightened sense of woman's identity to
the end that women may be free to cultivate their interests and talents and
realize their potential as fully creative and contributing human beings. To
encourage the open sharing of knowledge and experience, it seeks to increase
ties among diverse groups of women. Its further aim is to create an atmos-
phere and develop programs which will invest women with confidence and a sense
of purpose. The Center welcomes the cooperation of all--men and women-—who
are in sympathy with its aims. '


The Center is a physical and a psychological meeting ground for wo-
men. Because it is open to a diversity of cultural styles and endeavors, its
projects reflect wide ranging points of view.

As a part of Barnard College, the Center draws upon the academic
community whenever a member of the College can further, through teaching, rew
search, or other personal endeavor, some aspect of its work. The Center con-
centrates on developing projects which complement or coincide with Barnard’s
distinctive academic strengths in women's studies. These projects include a
research library, departmental and interdepartmental courses, conferences, lec-
tures, and publications. The Center encourages members of the Barnard faculty
to engage in research in women‘s studies and to participate in the ongoing in-
tellectual dialogue on feminist scholarship in professional and interdisciplin-
ary organizations.

In addition, the Center engages in a variety of non-academic programs.
It regularly provides information on activities and organizations of special in-
terest to women, initiates n0n—credit courses on feminism, and sponsors projects
in the arts. It provides vocational counseling for college women in the metro-
politan area, acts as a clearinghouse for women's professional and educational
projects, and carries on research on the career development of women.