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Barnard Collcae ' Columbia Unlversnv ' .3009 Brrmdwznx’ - .\ew York. NY 1002/ -6093 z‘'"'-''-' ,‘4'-'''-- “E
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'73:!‘ ,.‘‘.|‘ 4405”

The Barnard Center
for Research on \Vomen

(Names listed are those who have definitely agreed to
attend; there are others still to be heard from, and
others yet to be invited.)

1) women as Judges

The Hon. Betty Ellerin, U.S. Appellate Division
The Hon. Carol Berkman, New York Supreme Court

Prof. Elizabeth Schneider, Brooklyn Law School

2) What Do Women want: Polling and Politics
Dr. Kathleen Francovic, CBS News
Prof. Robert Shapiro, Columbia University

3) women, Girls, Education and the state
Linda Peng, Director of Task Force on Asian-American

Education for New York City Board of Education
Dr. Sunita Parikh, Columbia University

4) Health strategizing in New York city

Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner, New York City Health

Evelyn Longchamp, Office of Women's Health, NY Health and
Hospitals Corporation

5) Workshop on Building Political careers J
Jody Newman, National Women's Political Caucus E?@”

6) women, Poverty and welfare A _
Barbara Sabol, Commissioner, Department of Social Services,


7) Health and Reproductive Rights

Prof. Eugenia Acuna, Hunter College

Barbara Gimbel, Republican lobbyist

Julia Scott, National Black Women's Health Project

8) Lesbian Legal Empowerment
Assemblywomen Deborah Glick
Prof. Ruth Anne Robson, CUNY Law School

9) women and Philanthropy
Alison Bernstein, Ford Foundation
Prof. Eleanor Brilliant, Social Work, Rutgers University