Catharine R. Stimpson's closing remarks at BCRW 20th anniversary dinner, 1993, page 4

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Committee meeting was going on. The room was so full of people that
Myra could not get in. So she stood in the doorway and gave us an
armful of papers, the nucleus of the Center's archives and library.
I think, too, with great gratitude, of Elly Elliott, urging that
the income of a bequest from Helen Rogers Reid be devoted to the
Center, the nucleus of our financial stability.
In part, too, the crowned ladies of Reason, Rectitude, and
Justice must have realized that the Center wanted to be of use, in

ways great and small. Between September, 1971 and June, 1972, the

wfledgling Center answered 261 letters of inquiry. quote from

one of them, dated December, 1971, from a woman from Canada. She
said that she was trying to bring feminist insights to Canada and
was planning some seminars. Her advertising slogan, she fantasized,
ANSWER QUESTIONS!" She went on, "I have just looked over your
‘Women's Center brochure; great. be possible to have copies
of the syllabi of the courses, especially your course, the History
of women in late Roman Empire, and the two courses on history of
‘women in America? I sort of wish I were going to college now, don't
you? Still, we can appreciate what is being done, and help it
along, too. The Women's Center looks like a marvelous thing; and
the women's colleges should take the lead in this. I congratulate

In that first year, the Center started its tradition of
bringing ever more diverse voices to the City of ladies on the

Heights. It sponsored speakers: Sharon Avery, a founder of the