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          Another Barnard star, who was not initially involved, but who gave so copiously of

time and talent to the Center over many years, is Elizabeth J aneway, also here


  And one other: a world renowned sociologist and trail blazer for women every-

where: our own Mirra Komarovsky, who graduated from Barnard 67 years ago and

began teaching feminist theory here in 1934.
So Kate, Jane, Iola, Elizabeth and Miira, please stand so we can cheer you.

I was asked to tell you about the beginnings. Each of the founders would have her

own memories. Here are two or three of mine.

Of course it was a time of a new groundswell by women, a time, among other
things, to fight academic inequality. Barnard was a place of women, by women, and
for women. But in the great universities there were virtually no women faculty.

And no special accommodation of women's interests, except on the few single-sex

campuses, like Barnard.