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Barnard College - Columbia University ° 3009 Broadway - New York, NY 10027-6598

The Barnard Center 1/ a}
I w”

for Research on VV omen 1/ ‘, rrfi
(212)854-2067 7/ {0 4 c’ |\

9 J

Ms. Eleanor Smeal (4Q6 C00} 0&9
President py Q4
Fund for the Feminist Majority

1600 Wilson Blvd., Suite 891

Arlington, VA 22209

January 11, 1993
Dear Ms. Smeal: ,

This past July, the President of Barnard College, Ellen
Futter, wrote inviting you to participate in a conference
entitled Women as Change-Makers: Building and Using Political
Power. The conference, which is in celebration of the
twentieth anniversary of the Barnard Center for Research on
Women, will take place on Saturday, April 24, 1993. I do hope
it will be possible for you to attend.

In case the original letter was not received or has been
misplaced, I am attaching a copy; it explains the concept of
the conference, and your possible participation in it.

Since invitations were first sent out, there have been a
number of positive responses. Among them are Faye Wattleton;
Marie Wilson, Director of the Ms. Foundation; Dr. Margaret
Hamburg, Commissioner of the New York City Health Department;
Julia Scott of the National Black Women's Health Project;
Representative Marge Roukema; Prof. Ruth Mandel of the Center
for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University; New York
City Councilmember Ronnie Eldridge; New York State Assembly-
woman Deborah Glick; Commissioner Barbara Sabol of the NYC
Human Resources Administration; Alexis Gelber of Newsweek
magazine; Dr. Kathleen Francovic of CBS News; Prof. Catharine
R. Stimpson; and the Honorable Betty Ellerin.

I will give your office a call in the near future to see if I
may answer any questions, and to get your response.

With best wishes,

Leslie J. Calman, Ph.D.