Minutes of the second planning meeting for Scholar and Feminist 1980, 1979, page 2

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Women in politics and in the corporate structure

The issue of creating greater student involvement in the conference was
discussed. Suggestions ranged from including a student paper, a student-
run workshop or establishing course credit (through the Experimental
College or women's studies) for student participation on the planning
committee. However, it was pointed out that students should not be
"ghettoized" but rather included in all aspects of the conference.

By the end of the meeting, the comittee agreed that this year's
theme would most likely deal with some aspect(s) of power; however,
a greater focus and refinement of the theme is still needed. Jane
Gould reminded the comittee that past experience makes it necessary
to decide upon topics and speakers by Thanksgiving.

The next meeting will be Thursday, October 11 at 4:00 pm in the Women's
Center, 100 Barnard Hall.


Alice H. Amsden, Roberta Bernstein, Lila Braine, Julie Doron, Hester
Eisenstein, Jane Gould, Christina Greene, Irene Finel—Honigman,
Elaine Hughes, Janie Kritzman, Diane Levitt, Cynthia Novack, Lisa
Parrish, Ellen Pollack, Sue Sacks, Ellen S. Silber, Maxine Silverman,
Philippa Strum, Amy Swerdlow