Second planning meeting for the Scholar and Feminist III conference, 1975, page 2

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          boundaries—-seems to be inherent in the concept of feminist scholar-
ship. A second speaker would demonstrate the reality of this with a
concrete piece of work, in an area of research that would be generally
accessible to an audience of varied backgrounds. Then, in the after-
noon, the seminars would be run by people in specific fields speaking
of their own personal evolution in research, from one field to another,
or two people working together on one problem from different fields,
and so forth. The focus in the afternoon session would be much nar-
rower, with fairly specific research topics outlined, so that probably
the audience in the afternoon sessions would be attending seminars in
their own fields of specialization, or at least, in their area (human-
ities, or social sciences, for example).

It was suggested that the afternoon workshops should be very varied in
format, as they were last year: some participative, others more for-
mally like seminars, and so forth, so that people attending the con-
ference would have a variety of formats to choose from, and would be
satisfied that they had gotten what they came for.

It was agreed that at the next planning meeting we will begin to
select names of possible speakers for the morning session, so that
people should come with ideas and names. A tentative time-table was
laid out: morning speakers to be invited as of mid-October, so that

a draft of the morning papers would be completed by Christmas, and the
final papers would be at the Women's Center by mid-February.

The next planning meeting will be on Wednesday, October 8th, at 12:00
noon in the Women's Center. Please come (with lunch) and help us think
further. If you can't come please send us your reactions, and most im-
portantly, suggestions for speakers...or call Hester Eisenstein, 280-
5481 or 865-8781.