Report of the second planning session for The Scholar and the Feminst II, 1974

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September 30, 1974

From: Nancy K. Miller 7 Subject: Plans for the next Academic Conference Report of the Second Planning Session on September 26th

After discussion of various suggestions regarding the format and content of the next academic conference, the following framework was pro- posed:

1. A "keynote" speaker would present the themes of the confer- ence, stressing the problems of women in the profession, She would respond to the question, "How does one stay in scholarship long enough to study bi- as in scholarship?" -- in all its ramifications.

2. A panel composed of two speakers and two discussants would follow. At this point, we foresee two major topics, provisionally deline- ated as A\ The relationship of feminist scholarship to the movement, and B) Feminist scholarship and bias. Several issues were suggested for dis- cussion under the first rubric: role conflict and priorities; anti-intel- lectualism; anti—movement feeling; problems of audience; standards and language. Under the second heading: inherited bias and ideology; the existence and implications of feminist bias; the relationship of women's studies to feminism.

3. After the lunch break, seminars would examine the general theme of bias and scholarship in the context of individual disciplines: critiques of traditional texts from a feminist standpoint, presentation of feminist research, etc. In addition, other seminars might cover the practical problems of women scholars: activism, ideological priorities, institutional practices, and the status of the non-affiliated scholar.

Although this framework is not definitive, in order to give the speakers enough time to prepare, we must finalize plans by October 15th. The next meeting is Friday, October 4th at 12:30 at the Women's Center.

At that meeting we hope to formalize the issues and move ahead on pro- cedural matters. If you cannot attend the meeting, please submit sug- gestions for speakers and/or topics by October llth to the Women's Center. We look forward to hearing from you.