Letter from Jane Gould to Martha Peterson about changes for the conference, 1974

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111, Martha Peterson

FRONL.Jane S. Gould

' SU&ECTWOmen's Center Academic Conference — Spring 1975 . [)ATE 22 August 1974

I know that Domna Stanton has communicated with you her decision not to

take on the responsibility for our next academic conference. After

careful consideration, we have offered the assignment to Nancy Miller,

Barnard '61, and she has agreed to do it. She has impeccable credentials including a Ph.D. with distinction from Columbia where she is currently

an Assistant Professor of French. Her dissertation, An Analysis of Literary Femininity in the 19th Century Novel won the prize for the best dissertation

in her department. She participated in our last conference as a workshop co—moderator with Domna Stanton, and I think that we are very lucky to have her. In fact, she may be able to involve more of the Columbia community than we

have up until now.

We will work out the financial details with Ms. Miller and Columbia using the Rubinstein Grant. We plan to get started within the next few weeks with some meetings with the members of our faculty and Ms. Miller to determine the theme of the conference and the details. I will keep you posted and would like to bring Ms. Miller over to meet you at the first opportunity.