Note from Sue Sacks to "The Scholar and the Feminist" workshop coordinators, 1974

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"Barnard College


To: "The Scholar and the Feminist” Workshop Coordinators From: Sue Sacks Date: May 17, 1974

Reports to us at the Women's Center indicate that "The Scholar and

the Feminist” conference was “outstanding,” "fruitful," "stimulating," even "historic." Thanks so much for your enormous contribution. Your planning and your efforts made the afternoon workshops a success!

As you know Feminist Studies is publishing the papers from the conference, and I will be editing them and working with Ann Calderwood, the journal editor. If you prepared an introductory paper for your workshop or if you wish to write a short essay on the themes or

issues which your group discussed, please send it to me at Barnard

no later than May 28. There is no specific page limit for your

papers. Much will depend on the number submitted and the content,

so we cannot guarantee publication. If you have any questions,

please call me in the evenings at home, 625-2931, at my office

during the day, 280-5408, or leave a message at the Women's Center,

280-2067. flew:

Have a happy, productive summer!