Letter to Martha Peterson from Annette Baxter, 1974

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buy 13, 1974

President lhrthe Peterson Barnard Gollege mlbank run

near Min Petereou:

I we: ea iepreued by the eucceee of our Saturday conference on “me Schultz‘ and the Feminist" that I thought I would paee along my inpreuioul.

I wee there from 8:30 A. M. until its ccnclueion about 6:30 P41. The conference waa beautifully organised in advance. and events pro- ceeded enoothly throughout the dty. The penele nee: to have net with much enthusiasm free their endteucee, and the workshop I attended. led by Enter Eisenstein and Gleéye lleyer, wee certainly productive of men and ueeful exchanges emu; the In-nerd end the outside par- ticipente.

I think the conference will hive done more for Bernard‘: iuege then eny went I can think of in recent three. there were a number of dtetingutehed echolere there, end I knew they felt the: Bernard eeue through negnificently. ‘thin conference. and the Wonerfle center tteelf, of cauree. put me right at the forefront of ecedwutc concern about women.


A13: se Annette It. Dexter

cc: Ms. Jane Gould, women's center

Ms. Barbara Hertz, Defelopment office M9’ Susan Sacks, Psychology Department