Letter to Florence Howe, 1973

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Farnard College Women '3 Center Erna!-d Hall

NaYo’C. .  ¢Y. 

November 3, 1973

Ms. Florence Howe

Boat 33“. S‘-WY ' ‘

Old Westbury. Long Is.

New York’ 11568

Dear Florence,

In lieu of more message leaving, Ithought l'd drop a note to share with you some of the ideas we have been developing for a spring conference, .

_Tha Scholar and the Feminist. to be held at Barnard on Fay 1]., 1970.

The plans are still in the formulative stages, but the forfirtisirtlr. a one-dat, all-day meeting for about 200 (perhaps 300) participants. The stress will be on in-depth discussions of research and theory and an effort will be made to maximise opportunities for conversation and small workshop-

type interactions. To impliment those ideas we plan: “ - Morning Session: The morning session will have three simultaneous

panels of four shholars each ( in separate 9002118). The women _' scholars will present their own current research findings briefly,

and will prim:-ily address themselves to these questions:

1. What has been the impact of var research on our understanding of women? 2. what has been the impact of new research on our understanding of my field. both uethodologically and substantively? . 3. met has been the imapct of my research on my academic community?


Discussion will foloce the presentations by the panelists.

Lunch: To be held at Barnard. To be informal, no keynoter. To be arranged at tables of 8 to 10 so that conversations stimulated by the morning session can continue. et a1. -

Afternoon Session: Scholarship and Feminism: Conflict or CT so. will be the topic for 12 afternoon workshops of about 15 to 20 participants each. In each workshop there will be a facilitator for the discussion

and the facilitators will boot once before the conference day to generate giidelines for the sessions. All workshops will be a multi-mix of ages. academic fields, involvements, etc.

Cocktails will follow ‘she afternoon session. (smile)

This will give you a general picture of the tentative plans for the day. I would very much like to spend a few minutes with you to get your ideas, reactions, suggestions. and "input." Please give me a call at your convenience-—oftice: 280- 51308: *'home: 625.2931 (any evening). I really do look forward to speaking with your Many thinks. Good cheer! -

. .1’