Report of the second planning meeting, 1973

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questions in mind: what have been the effects of women's studies on the various disciplines? on teaching? on research? what is the relationship

of women's studies to feminism? what are the defining parameters of women's studies as a discipline? to what extent has women's studies become interdisciplinary?

The consensus of the meeting was that the conference should consist of a number of panels, each with several papers given in the morning ses- sion. Papers will cover actual research on substantive topics prepared within the framework of the theoretical and philosophical questions. These questions will provide the focus for the afternoon workshop discussions. A luncheon speaker will be scheduled if some of the material submitted seems appropriate for this use. The day will end with a cocktail party.

Each panel/workshop will have approximately fifteen participants in addition to the panelists. This size will allow for serious and produc- tive work in both morning and afternoon sessions and is within Barnard's capacity to accommodate well. Collective or collaborative papers will be encouraged and arrangements will be made to send papers to registrants prior to the conference. The emphasis will be on finding participants (who may or may not be well known) who are not only doing important re- search on women but have also been giving these broader questions a good deal of thought.

For the time being Sue Sacks, Darline Levy, Batya Hyman, and Jean Miller agreed to work on a sub-committee. At the next meeting scheduled for noon, Wednesday, September 5th at the Center, a sub—committee will be formalized to work through the year. Anyone who is interested in working on this committee should contact the Center.