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TC) Those of our Barnard friends interested in the 1974 academic conference
FROM Jane S . Gould

Report on the first planning meeting 27 June 1973

We appreciate the fact that so many of you rearranged your lives
to come to our first planning meeting held on June 20th. We think it
was a stimulating first meeting although difficult to summarize. Enclosed
is a report that we hope includes the important points.

We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions. Please
send them in as soon as possible so that we can sumarize them in time for
the next meeting which has been set for Wednesday, August 8th, at noon

in the Women's Center. We will be ordering lunches again so please be sure
to let us know if you are coming. If you will be away during August but

are still interested in working on the conference, we would like to know

that too.


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