Ideas for upcoming conference, 1973

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26 June 1973

I had a long discussion with Cynthia Lloyd about the content

of the 1974 academic conference. Generally she felt‘ that the amor- phousness of the conference at this point is a result of seeing it as a single conference which must answer all needs and do everything that needs to be done all in one day. Rather, we both felt, that its context as the initial conference of a three—year academic program should be kept more sharply in mind. Plans for the conference should be focused on what

would be the most useful beginning for the longer range program.

Cynthia felt that since truly intntdisciplinary work has not been done very much at all and since most people don't know enough about disciplines other than their own to begin doing really scholarly intgt- disciplinary work on women, the most useful thing for a first conference to do would be to present the latest theoretical work in women's studies in each field as a means of providing nnitidisciplinary exposure for scholars in women's studies who could then in discussions talk about how problems in one field related to their own fields and thus build a base to begin working in a truly intntdisciplinary way for future seminars

and conferences in the program.

An example of format that might accomplish this: twelve papers addressing themselves to_theoretical questions in women's studies in a variety of disciplines (the more the better) would be distributed well in advance of the conference to participants. Four panels of three paper- writers each would talk ntnnt their papers (having also talked to each other before hand) and the relationships between their disciplines and their approaches to women's studies. Papers and people would begrouped into

panels for this first conference on the basis of most fruitfulness for

interdisciplinary study.