Planning for Women's Studies, 1973

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Barnard College


11 May 1973

The Women's Center is currently seeking foundation support for a major academic program in the methodology of women's studies. The program would work through a series of interdisciplinary seminars and conferences bringing together scholars and teachers working at Barnard and elsewhere in different fields of women's studies. In the meantime, the Center plans to open the way for the establishment of this program by holding a women's studies conference at Barnard sometime during the spring of 1974. The first planning meeting for this conference will be held at the Women's Center during the summer, and we hope that if you are in New York or nearby you will be able to attend. We would also appreciate it if you would recomend some of your recent students in women's studies who might be interested in working on such a conference.

The meeting will be at noon on Wednesday, June 20th, in the Women's Center. Please call Mary Wexford or me at the Center (x 2067) and let us know if you will be able to come and the names of students you think we should contact.

Sincerely, au{$‘  ne S. Gould