Letter from Catharine Stimpson to the MacIntosh Activities Film Committee, December 20, 1971

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20 December 1971
 MacIntosh Activities Film Committee
 Ladies and Gentlemen:
 The Women's Center is very interested in trying to get some movies by and about women on the campus in the spring. We wanted, for example, to bring Millett, Three Lives, and to ask her to speak; we wanted, too, to bring films by Arakawa and Madeleine Gins, who is a Barnard alumna, and who has said she would fly back from Germany to speak. 
 We have also been talking to Linda Yellen about all this.
 I understand you may be thinking along the same lines. If so, can we get together to talk and perhaps even think about working together.
 A final note, when can I get the schedule of movies for the spring, so that I can plan my class "Film and Word"?
 I look forward to hearing from you,
 Catharine R. Stimpson