Letter from Nina Howell Starr to Catharine Stimpson, December 10, 1971

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333 East 68th Street
 New York, N.Y. 10021
 December 10, 1971
 Dear Miss Stimpson
 Yesterday I took four of my photographs of
 women to Museum, 729 Broadway, to hang in the
 exhibition there, opening Sunday Dec. 12, of
 Feminist Art. This exhibition will continue thru
 December 30, open daily, except Sunday, 1 to 7 P.M.
 I also took for hanging four works of
 Minnie Evans.
 I send you this information in case you could
 visit this exhibition.
 Not all my art by any means could be classed as
 Feminist Art, although I have had a strong streak of
 feminism in me I guess always. Neither is Minnie
 Evansā€˜ art feminist. Hers is Minnie Evans art, and
 mine is Nina Starr's.
 Here's best wishes to you and the Women's Center.
 very sincerely
 Nina Howell Starr
 [handwritten] P.S. In my letter of Dec. 7 I said I had taken a course at Barnard in the 20s. I think it was called Economic and Social (not Political) Position of Women. My paper for the course was on Women in Politics.