Letter from Nina Howell Starr to Catharine Stimpson, December 7, 1971

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 NEW YORK. NY 10021
 December 7, 1971
 Miss Catherine Stimpson, Director
 Barnard Women‘s Center
 Barnard Hall
 Dear Miss Stimpson,
 I was very interested to receive the announcement of
 the Barnard Women's Center. As a 1926 graduate of Barnard,
 and now living in New York, the Center sounded hopeful.
 I have been in touch with Nancy Jacobs since last spring,
 in the hope of having my photography exhibited at Barnard.
 As last reported by her, the prospects are very dim.
 Since hearing of all the ambitions of the Women's
 Center, I would like to propose an exhibition there. Spec-
 ifically I would like to propose an exhibition of Photographs
 of Women, of which I have made a considerable number.
 You may have seen the, I believe still current exhibition
 at the Museum of Modern art, Photographs of Women. I heard
 pf this project too late to submit my own for inclusion, but
 Ann Tucker, the then:intern in Photography at Mama came to
 see mine and was very respectful. I suggest that you may want
 to call her for reference. She is now with the state Creative
 Artists Program, 250 West 57 St.
 ‘his exhibition has been criticized on several levels,
 such as that 60% of the photographers are men, but to me the
 really inexcusable omission is that there is not a single
 photograph of a black woman. My portfolio includes many.
 I enclose a recent bulletin from the Two—Woman show
 of my work and that of Minnie Evans, also an announcement of
 this exhibition. ‘he effect I intended when I sent the
 photographs of Mrs. Evans and me for this announcement was
 that we would be facing each other. But reversing the
 photograph of me, the printer not only disturbed the intention,
 but succeeded in distorting the photograph of myself that
 I had sent.
 I blieve that Nancy Jacobs has a copy of POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY for October '71, that has a number of reproductions of my work and an interview by Ralph Hattersey. Do excuse my terrible typing, please. 
 I would be glad to show you my photographs.
 Nina Howell Starr
 M.F.A. University of Florida '63
 I took a course at Barnard called Economic  and Political Position of Women.